Relationship Tips: Why does a partner’s behavior change after marriage? Know the reason here

After Marriage Changes: After marriage, most women complain that their husband’s behavior has changed completely. Before marriage, her husband used to make many promises, used to talk about living big dreams, but after marriage, now a different form of her comes out. There is an excitement before marriage, at that time sleepless nights go away and there is positive energy.
why change comes in relationships
Office, boss, work load and work pressure as well as pay more attention to everyday things. In such a situation, we make our responsibilities big and there is a change in the behavior of not only husbands but also wives. 
Partner’s words cause irritation
Partner’s these things irritate
  • Spreading dirt everywhere.
  • Not talking properly even once a day.
  • Respond to things irritatingly.
  • Make a plan and then cancel.
  • Do not take the consent of the partner in any matter.
  • Annoying your partner for every little thing.
  • Never give a hand in household chores
  • Don’t make time for your partner.
  • Don’t think about partner’s work.
  • Do not compromise at all for your spouse.
  • Make your small habits bigger.
  • Not being emotionally available.
  • Not understanding the importance of personal space.
This is how you can get partner’s attention
  • Create newness in your relationship.
  • Planning fun activities.
  • Go to a nice place, plan a movie.
  • Try to accept the new habits of the partner.
  • Tell your partner openly about all your problems.
  • Take help of a counselor if needed.
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