Relationship Tips: Women do not like these habits of men

Men Habits : In any relationship it is not necessary that you like every habit of your partner. But we have some such habits, which can question our personality, due to which you can also fall in front of your partner. Also the partner may look at you with suspicion. Especially men have some such habits, which women do not like at all. If you are also in a relationship with someone, then distance yourself from these habits. So that there is no knot in the delicate thread of the relationship.  

Don’t respect women

likes shit

Many men do not take a bath for a week, nor do they have any interest in cleaning the room. If you are also like this, then improve this habit. Especially if you like a woman, then definitely pay attention to cleanliness before expressing your love in front of her. 

Habit of flirting with girls

Many men flirt with girls. But let us tell that this habit of women is not liked at all. Because it is a message that the partner is not serious for you. So give up the habit of flirting in front of your partner. 


Some men lie on every little thing. If you have such a habit, then your female partner may not believe in you. Because it breaks their trust. 

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