Relief for 38 Indians trapped in the guise of jobs in Myanmar, Indian Embassy made them return home

Indians In Myanmar: Cases of Indians getting trapped in the trap of international gangs are continuously coming to the fore in Myanmar. Now efforts are being made to bring back all such Indians. Under this, 38 Indians trapped in the trap of jobs of international crime gang in Myawadi area of ​​Myanmar have been sent back to India on Thursday. Last month, 13 of the group stranded in Myawadi area were rescued. 32 Indians were rescued from Myawaddy in September following joint efforts by the Indian embassies in Myanmar and Thailand.

Indian Embassy tweeted
Indian Embassy in Myanmar tweeted about this, ‘‘38 people trapped in the trap of international gang offering jobs in Myawadi, Myanmar Indian Embassy in Myanmar has sent home.’’ The embassy said that they left for Kolkata from Yangon in Myanmar, from where they would go to their respective native places. This is a relief news for all those people who went abroad on the pretext of job and got stuck there. 

Indian Embassy in Yangon said, ‘‘We appreciate the assistance provided by the Myanmar authorities and others. We are continuing our efforts for the release of the remaining Indian nationals. With this, we again caution people against falling prey to job offers from international crime syndicates.’’

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