Relief on the job front, jobs have come out in many sectors, more than 18 percent growth

Job Market Growth: The impact of the third wave of Corona has now reduced to a great extent. The country’s economy is slowly returning on track as soon as the effect of Corona subsides. Talking about the employment market, there has been an increase of 18.4 percent in March compared to a year ago.

Travel and hotel sector grew by 48% 
jobs market in March 2022 was strong due to better performance of travel, hospitality and energy sectors, according to a report by Allsec Technologies Is. The travel and hotel sector registered a growth of 47.6 per cent in terms of employment this month as compared to a year ago. 

The hotel industry was the most affected
The increase in the number of employment in the travel and hotel sector speaks of the improving condition of these sectors badly affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic. In the last two years, the travel and hotel industry was hit hardest by the pandemic.

Junk Surge
This report is based on data sourced from Allsec Technologies, a BPS provider that tracks employment trends across sectors. The report says that compared to last year, the changes in jobs have been positive and many sectors have shown progress in the number of recruitments.

Covid has not reached the pre-Covid level
However, a comparison of the pre-pandemic data shows that the hotter and travel sectors are still not able to reach the pre-Covid level. Both these sectors have shown a negative growth of 24.3 per cent in March 2022 as compared to March 2020. Despite this, it can be said that both these areas are now on the path of revival.

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