Remove eye fatigue in this way, you will get relief

Irrigate with Aaro’s water- If you are having gritty, mild pain in the eyes, then in such a situation, heat the Aaro water and put it in a clean cotton soak. Then remove the cotton and clean the eyes. This will give you relief.

Ice-Ice- Most of the people hit the eyes with water splashes to remove the tiredness of the eyes. However, by doing this there is a fear of damage to the eyes. Place ice in cotton and apply it over and around the eyes. Take care not to apply ice directly on the eyes.

Formula– If you work on the computer, then do this exercise for 20 minutes. If you constantly keep an eye on the screen, then take a break of seconds even after every 20 minutes. For this, keep your eyes closed for 20 seconds and when you open it, look at anything 20 feet away. This is also a kind of exercise, which will not put much stress on the eyes if you get used to it.

Diet– It is very important to consume green vegetables to keep the eyes healthy. If your eyesight is weak, then include a diet rich in omega-3 vitamins in the diet. If there is a problem of tension in your eyes, then definitely use sandlass while working. This will not reduce the eyesight and there will be no problems like headache or fatigue.

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