Remove the dryness of your nose, use these remedies

Coconut Oil –Putting one drop of coconut oil in your nose two to three times while sleeping at night will remove the dryness of the nose and the skin inside will also become soft. If blood comes from the nose because of dryness, that too will stop.

Olive Oil- To keep the skin tight, the use of olive oil would be a good option. Put one drop of it in the nose and apply it on the finger and apply it in the nose.

Vitamin E Capsules – Vitamin E oil capsules are easily available in drug stores. These are good sources of antioxidants. Companions are also anti-inflammatory. Break the capsule and take it in a job finger and apply it in the inner part of the nose. Doing this two to three times will give you great relief.

Ghee – You can also use Ghee to remove dryness of the nose, which has antiseptic properties. It also helps reduce swelling and stop bleeding.

Steam– If the skin inside the nose is feeling excessively dry, then this team can be a great option. Every day or every other day, you can feel better by taking 5 minutes of steam and it also helps in cleaning.

Drinking water– In summer you can hydrate the body by drinking more water. Even this will keep the skin inside the nose soft and happiness will be minimal.

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