Republic Day 2023: The color of the tricolor ascended on Lord Mahakal, see Rajadhiraj gave a wonderful darshan

Mahakal Tiranga News: In the famous Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar temple, the color of the tricolor was hoisted on the devotee of Lord Mahakal today. On the occasion of Republic Day, the color of patriotism will be visible on Lord Mahakal throughout the day. Devotees were also very excited to see this amazing makeup. On the occasion of Republic Day, special makeup of Lord Mahakal was done in the Bhasma Aarti to be held on Friday morning in the court of Lord Mahakal.
Ashish Pujari of Mahakaleshwar temple told that along with religious festivals, national festivals are also celebrated with great pomp in the temple.  Pandits and priests specially adorn Lord Mahakal with tricolor on Republic Day and Independence Day. For this, hemp, sandalwood, abir, gulal, dry fruits, ashtagandh, fragrant perfume etc. are used. According to Pandit Ashish Guru, on the occasion of Republic Day, Lord Mahakal will be seen in the color of patriotism throughout the day. Devotees coming here are going to have special darshan today. 

A wonderful combination of religion and patriotism

Rohtas Singh of Hyderabad, who came to attend the Bhasma Aarti, told that a wonderful meeting of religion and patriotism was seen in the Bhasma Aarti of Lord Mahakal. He said that he is very fortunate to be able to participate in the Bhasma Aarti of Lord Mahakal on this day. Amazing makeup of Lord Mahakal was done. Apart from this, special darshan of God was received in grand Bhasma Aarti. 

This is how Lord Mahakal’s makeup is done

In the Mahakaleshwar temple, at 4:00 am the doors of the court of Lord Mahakal are opened. After this the deity is bathed with water, milk, curd, honey, fruit juices, ghee etc. The water of Hariom pours on Lord Mahakal. After this, according to the religious or national festival, the decoration of Lord Mahakal begins. Garlands of male heads, cannabis, dry fruits and other worship materials are used in this adornment. 

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