Residents living in DDA Kalkaji JJ cluster will get flats, survey of 2890 families

Delhi News: The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is speeding up the rehabilitation work of the people living in Jhuggi Jhopri JJ cluster located in Kalkaji, South East Delhi. In this episode, the people living in 3 camps (Bhoomiless Camp, Navjeevan Camp, Nehru Camp) in this area are being allotted flats built by DDA in Kalkaji Extension. Under which, first of all, landless camps, people of Jhuggi Jhopri JJ cluster, economically weaker sections, under EWS, flats built in Kalkaji Extension, A-14 are to be allotted.

Documents required, including preliminary survey, are being scrutinized for allotment of flats made by DDA in Kalkaji Extension to the people living in JJ cluster. In the preliminary survey in Kalkaji landless camp, DDA has found 2890 families whose survey has been completed and those families have all the necessary documents. For these families, DDA has constructed 3024 flats under In Situ Rehabilitation, which are to be allotted.

According to the information given by the DDA, a draw was conducted for allotting flats to the families living in the Kalkaji landless camp JJ cluster under the first phase in February this year. Subsequently, in February 2022, 673 families were given co-demand letters for allotment of flats soon. After which, on June 17 this month, a re-draw was conducted for 903 beneficiaries residing in Kalkaji Bhumiless Camp JJ cluster, in which allotment cum demand letters will be issued online to these beneficiaries under the second phase.

According to the DDA, flats are to be allotted under the in situ rehabilitation scheme to the people living in Kalka ji’s landless, Jawaharlal Nehru and Navjeevan Camp JJ cluster area. In which flats will be allotted to the people of landless camps in the first phase, for this two draws have been drawn. Preliminary survey by DDA in the landless camp has found 2890 families, which have fulfilled all the documents eligibility criteria by DDA. Out of this, allotment-cum-demand letter has been issued to 673 beneficiaries in the first phase and 903 beneficiaries in the second phase, after which DDA will allot flats to a total of 1576 families. After which the remaining beneficiaries will soon be given a draw-cum-requisition letter for allotment of flats.

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