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Ridhimma’s pov

I wakeup hearing chorus voices  around me and look up to see initiates standing in in crowd . I get up from bed and go towards them and then what I see stops my breathe . Rankings!!!!

Wasn’t ranking was supposed to be at the end of stage one  but stage one isn’t over yet   . Eric told cuts are from first stage only , I remember my fight with peter and get restless thinking will I get cut.

Vansh writes all the ranking and looks up . For a brief moment his eyes meet with mine. He blinks his eyes once and looking to the initiates says

Vansh: this is just to let you know where you stand you will no have cuts based on this ranking . Look at your position and improve .

Saying this he leaves the room ,I look at the board and see my name at 5th position among 9 initiates . I sigh in relief .

The training starts and its more exhausting today as they make us do fighting shooting and throwing knife all the skills they taught us. Finally we get free near evening I just go into dormitory and throw myself on the bed desperate to sleep . Just then someone shakes me hard I open my eyes irritated and see ishani .

Ishani: wake up we have to go to nears tracks and we are almost late .

I get up and we quickly run towards tracks. Luckily train just arrived when we reach there. I grab the handle of train and jump inside . Eric once checks if all the initiates are there or not and  then says

Vansh : today as you all know we will do flag hunt . There will be two teams one of Eric other mine. Each team will have a flag which they will hide .  One team will get down first then the other team will get down after 10 minutes .

There are only two ways to win the game either shoot all the  member of other team or capture their flag before they do yours.

There are gun and paint balls in those boxes pick them up.

I was nearest to the box so I pick a gun and  a box of paint balls. The gun is little heavy but I will manage.

Eric : so lets divide the team right Vansh . You first

Vansh: don’t do me a favor okay you know I don’t need them to win or I need to make to you remember .

Eric greets his teeth and says

Eric : you will definitely not win this time now choose

Vansh looks across the room

Vansh: ridhimma

All look at me

Eric: trying to find excuse of losing already by selecting weak ones Vansh (smirk)

Vansh doesn’t say anything so Eric continues

Eric: peter

Peter goes past me pushing my shoulder . I look at him and Eric  angrily determined to show him that I am not weak.

Vansh: ishani

As Vansh builds up his team I notice that most of our team is tall and is good runner while Eric team  has strong yet slow runners.

I have never played flag hunt but I know it’s a game of speed. I automatically start smiling Eric is ruthless but Vansh is smarter   .

After team distribution is over Eric in same cold voice says

Eric: you go first   , you at least have a chance to win then

Vansh: stop doing favors on me , I don’t want to repeat myself again eric

Eric(angrily): just get out with your team

One by one everyone started jumping out of train. I jumped carrying the momentum of the train and this I landed perfectly .

It fills me with pride its small but big achievement .

Precap: flag hunt continues.

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