Rohit Sharma told this Indian his childhood hero, said – started cricket only after seeing him

Team India captain Rohit Sharma remains an inspiration to millions of children at this time. At the same time, Rohit Sharma has revealed his childhood hero. He said that he started playing cricket only after seeing him. 

This great player is Rohit Sharma’s hero

About his childhood hero While talking, Rohit Sharma said that the inspiration for him has always been the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Eight or nine years from now I have started watching him play. He has achieved everything in his career. I don’t think anyone will be able to achieve that. He took the responsibility of the team for 25 years. These are not easy tasks. 

Talking about Sachin, he said that I have always followed him. The way he has progressed his career. How does he keep himself on the field and off the field? He is very polite. It is difficult to be humble after achieving so much in his career, but after that he has been able to do it. 

Mumbai’s poor start in IPL

If we talk about IPL, then Mumbai’s start has not been special. The team has faced defeat in its opening matches. The team has lost both its opening matches. In such a situation, once again all eyes are on Rohit Sharma and his team. Mumbai Indians have always been known for their comebacks. Rohit Sharma himself is desperate to return to his form. 

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