Ruckus from Bihar to Rajasthan against Agneepath scheme, these 5 big questions are being raised by students

Agnipath Scheme Protest: The intentions and motives of the Government of India may be noble for the youth, but the new Agnipath scheme of the government is not being liked by the youth. From Bihar to Rajasthan and from Uttar Pradesh to Haryana, thousands of youth have taken to the streets.

Protest is intensifying in Bihar

get angry about the plan, let’s understand what the youth have to say…

Government putting the future of youth at risk – youth

First government should give jobs to people like me – a person who has served in the army for 22 years 

Seva fund package will be given to youth after four years

Clearly there is anger and resentment among the youth. At the same time, Sarkar argued that the Agneepath scheme is for the betterment of the youth and for the modernization of the army. He says that the plan is being presented in a wrong way. According to the Agneepath scheme, there will be recruitment of youth in the Indian Army for four years. They will be given service fund package after the job.

These five questions of youth…

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