Ruckus, Protest and FIR, know what happened in JNU so far in one click

under which sections the FIR was registered
According to the police, the complaint was given by the JNU Students’ Union, in which the students of SFI, DSF and AISA are involved. Based on the complaint, an FIR has been registered under sections 323/341/509/506/34 of the Indian Penal Code. Police say that after investigating, correct information about the whole incident is being gathered. Evidence is being collected. After this the police will take further action. At the same time, on behalf of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, a complaint has been given by different students between 11 am to 12 noon. After which an FIR has been registered against the left-backed unknown students under section 323/341/509/506/34 of IPC. Both the FIRs have been registered at Vasantkunj North Police Station.

what is the reason for the quarrel 
In the dispute on Ram Navami in JNU campus, both the parties are accusing each other of starting the dispute. Not only this, the reason for the two quarrels is also being told differently. 

Side of Left Supported Students
According to the complaint given by Left students to the police, it has been claimed that the dispute started at 3:45 pm on the afternoon of April 10, when ABVP students scuffled with vendors who brought meat in the canteen of Kaveri Hostel. When two members of the mess committee wanted to intervene, they were also misbehaved. Since then, there has been an atmosphere of debate and tension. After much debate and sloganeering at 7:30 pm, ABVP students started fighting. They threw stones, pots were also broken, rods were also attacked. Girl students were also beaten up and abused.

ABVP’s side
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, keeping the entire incident on yesterday’s controversy and violence in JNU, told that the students of Kaveri Hostel had kept puja on Ram Navami. The people of the Left protested this, putting fake notices in the name of the warden that there would be no worship. Since Sunday morning, the atmosphere started spoiling, due to which the worship could start at 5 pm instead of 3 pm. Puja was going on outside and iftar was going on inside. There was no problem anywhere. Left could not digest the same thing. As soon as the puja was over, the students who were coming out were thrashed and started fighting. Under the conspiracy itself, the students of the Left brought the theory of non-veg-non-veg in the mess in their defense. We claim that apart from Kaveri, there are 18 more hostels where non-veg was made on Sunday. It is clear that ABVP had no problem anywhere. Now after bleeding everyone, the media baazi, the peace march has started. 

Left-backed students protest 
After clashes inside JNU campus on the occasion of Ram Navami, Left-supported students protested at Delhi Police Head Quarter in New Delhi district at around 2 pm on Monday Arrived and demonstrated. The call for this demonstration was given by AISA. In view of the demonstration, concrete security arrangements were already made by the Delhi Police. New Delhi district’s DCP Amruta herself was present on the spot. Apart from this, along with Delhi Police, personnel of paramilitary forces were also present. A woman policeman was also present. The students who arrived for the demonstration were detained and then taken by bus. The number of students detained was said to be between 15 and 20. 

What does the police have to say
According to the police, 6 students from both the sides have received injuries. However, students on both sides claim that the number of injured is high. DCP Manoj of Southwest district says that both the parties have complained against each other, according to which FIR has been registered on both the complaints. Police is probing the matter and action will be taken against those found involved in it.

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