Russia is raining death from the sky in Ukraine, phosphorous bombs fired, firing on vehicles of civilians

Russia and Ukraine’s separate claims
Ukrainian officials allege that Russian troops dropped phosphorus bombs in the Zaporizhia region. Even before this, such allegations have been made from the side of Ukraine. At the same time, Russia says that it is not using such weapons, only military bases are being bombed. On the other hand, it is also being claimed that the bodies of about 1500 Russian soldiers killed in the war are kept in the morgue of Dinpro city of Ukraine. This information has been given by the officials of Dinpro. 

Ukraine is supported by many countries
After Russia’s attack, Ukraine is getting the support of many big countries. Although no country is going directly into the war with Ukraine, but work is being done to provide all kinds of help to it. At the top of this list is Britain, which is helping Ukraine on every front. Now the UK has imposed sanctions on another 206 people from Russia. Apart from this, strict sanctions are also being imposed on Russia by America. However, French President Emmanuel Macron in a TV interview refused to call the attack by the Russian army a genocide. Let us inform that after the pictures surfaced from Bucha, the Russian army is being accused of genocide in Ukraine. 

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