Russian foreign minister on allegations of Bucha massacre, says ‘this is an attempt to disrupt peace talks’

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Where Russia is being criticized all over the world and demanding strict action on the Bucha massacre, on the other hand Russia has called it baseless. It is said that these bodies have been discovered to disrupt talks between Moscow and Kyiv. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that the bodies were discovered in Ukraine’s Butcha city with the aim of sabotaging the ongoing peace talks between the two countries. This is a provocative incident.

Questions raised on the appropriateness of Boochi’s photographs

Lavrov said in a video message broadcast on Russian television, "A big question arises that what purpose is being served by these false claims and provocative pictures? We believe that all this is only to find excuses to disrupt the ongoing talks between the two countries. Even after all this, Russia is ready for talks."

Talks between the two countries have been going on since last month

Ukraine proposes international agreement

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