Russian ruble will start in Ukrainian territory controlled by Moscow from May 1 – Russian official

Russia-Ukraine War:  A Russian official said on Thursday that the Russian ruble would soon be introduced into Russian-held Ukrainian territory. A civil and military administrator in the Russian-controlled region of Kherson in southern Ukraine said Moscow would introduce its currency to the region in the coming days.

According to Russia’s official news agency RIA Novosti, the official, Kirill Stremosov, said, "From May 1, we will move to the ruble zone."  He said that there will be a grace period of four months. Meanwhile, the currency of Ukraine, ‘hryvnia’ can also be used. Then we will completely switch to payment in rubles."

According to the news agency AFP, Stremusov’s announcement has not yet been confirmed by any high-ranking Russian official. This information comes at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed a resolution in the Russian parliament a day earlier that the goals of the country’s military operation in Ukraine will be achieved.

Russia claims control over southern Kherson
Russia said earlier this week that it had taken control of the entire southern Kherson region, including its administrative capital, Which fell into the hands of Russian soldiers soon after the 24 February attack.

‘peaceful life will be restored’
Moscow’s Defense Ministry claimed the recently occupied territory and others "peaceful life" is being restored. However, there have been reports of ongoing protests against the Russian administration of Kherson in the Ukrainian press and social media.

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