Russia’s big claim amid war, more than 1000 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered in Mariupol

Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine-Russia war is going to be about 50 days. Meanwhile, the series of bombings of Ukrainian cities by Russia continues. Here, a big claim has been made by Russia that about 1000 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered in Mariupol. On the other hand, despite the criticism following the Bucha massacre, Russian troops do not seem to be improving. Even now they are targeting the common people. According to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, Russia has again shown vandalism and more than 720 people have been killed in Butcha and other suburbs of Kyiv, while more than 200 are missing.

Mayor of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk said that 403 bodies have been found in Bucha alone. The death toll could rise further as minesweepers are searched in this area. Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office said it was also looking into incidents in the Brovary district, which is located in the northeast. Officials said the bodies of six civilians with gunshot wounds were found in a basement in the village of Shevchenkov, and the Russian military is believed to be responsible.

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