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Saasu Maa’s Bahu No:1 (Mother in law’s daughter in law No:1)Part 2

Aliya called Shahana:Bahu….Today as per the ceremony,you should cook a dish.

Shahana:Sure Saasu Maa.I will make Aryan’s favourite sweet dish.

Shahana cooked a sweet dish.When Shahana went out,Aliya added a lot of salt into it.

Aliya:Poor girl will get scolded by Aryan as his favourite sweet dish is salty.


Shahana served the sweet to Aliya.

Aliya thought:Even my dog will not eat this salty dish.

Aliya:You serve it to Aryan first.After all it’s his favourite dish.


Shahana served it to Aryan.

Aryan tasted it.His face became dull.Aliya smirked.

Aryan smiled:It’s yummy.I loved it.

Shahana became happy

while Aliya got shocked.

Shahana:I will feed it to you.

Shahana started feeding Aryan.Aryan was enjoying it.

Aliya got irritated.

She thought:Aryan loves Shahana blindly.So like a fool he is eating this horrible dish.

Aliya could not tolerate their feeding romance and left the room.

While feeding Aryan.Shahana tasted the sweet and got shocked.

She thought:How did this happen?Maybe Sasu maa spoiled my dish.

Shahana:Aryan,how did you eat this?This tastes so horrible.It’s salty.I am sorry.Are you not angry with me for ruining your favourite sweet dish?

Aryan:Don’t say sorry.By mistake you added salt instead of sugar.Why should I be angry with you for such a silly thing?And it’s the dish you cooked for the first time for me.So this is special for me.To be frank,since you made this I loved it.That’s why I ate it.

Shahana:You are too sweet Aryan.

She embraced him emotionally.

Shahana got ready to go out with Aryan.Aliya:You wore a simple salwar suit though you are a newly married girl.Oh…I forgot that you can’t afford costly dresses.That’s why you are wearing a simple dress.

Shahana got irritated.But she smiled.

Shahana:Saasu Maa,guess you forgot that I am not the same middle class girl now.I am Mrs.Aryan Mehra.My husband is very rich.He bought me the most expensive dresses.But I prefer simplicity.That’s why I am wearing this..

Aliya:You and your simple lifestyle is only because of the low class life style you had till now.Mehra daughter in law does’nt wear simple clothes.

Shahana was hurt.But she put a plastic smile on her face.

Shahana:But I prefer simple clothes.But since you are dying to your daughter in law in a costly dress,I will wear that and go out with Aryan.

Aliya became dull.

Shahana went to her room and wore a costly stylish dress which Aryan bought for her.

Aryan could not take his eyes off her.

Aryan:You are looking so beautiful Shahana.My selection of dress did’nt go wrong.

Shahana blushed.

Aliya was stunned to see Shahana in a costly dress.

Shahana:How do i look Saasu Maa?Now do I look like a rich girl?

Aliya gave her a pale smile.Shahana smirked at her.

Shahana thought:You ridiculed my simple dressing.Right?I will teach you a lesson for that.




Aliya who believes in astrology too much was told by the astrologer that there is some dosh in her family and that’s why these days everything is happening against her wish.

Aliya:Panditji,what is the solution?

Astrologer:You have to go to a small village and stay in a house there for 15 days.We should do a puja there.

Aliya:What? can we do that?How will we find accommodation in a village?

Shahana:Don’t worry Saasu Maa.As you know,I come from a village.You can come to my village.

I have a small house which is locked up.

Aryan:That’s cool.We will go there mom.

Aliya:Ok.Panditji,will you be able to come with us there to do puja for us?

Astrologer:Sure Aliyaji.I will surely come.

Aliya folded her hands and thanked him:Thank you Panditji.

He folded his hands and said:Ok.Now I am going.


When the astrologer got out of the house,secretly Shahana gave money to the astrologer.

Shahana:Thank you for lying.

He smiled.



They reached Shahana’s house in the village.

Aliya:How will i stay in this small house?It looks like a hut.

Shahana became dull.Aryan noticed it.

Aryan:Even though the house is small,it’s looking nice mom.

Astrologer:And you should stay in a small simple house and maintain simplicity for 2 weeks.

Aliya nodded.

They opened the door.It was full of dust.Aliya started coughing.

Aliya:This house is so dirty.

Shahana:Sorry Saasu Maa…it’s because the house was locked for a long time.Nobody was there to clean it.

Aliya:Call a servant to clean it.

Shahana:Here it’s not easy to get a servant.Here everyone does their work by themselves.Don’t worry Sasumaa.I will clean the house.

Aliya:Do it fast.

Aryan:I will help you Shahana.We will clean the house together.

Shahana:But Aryan…you are not used to do household chores.

Aryan:So what?Still I can do that.Don’t I have the right to help you?I am not ashamed to help you in household work.

Aryan-Shahana smiled at each other.

Aliya:What are you saying Aryan?You are a rich boy.You will do a servant’s job?

Aryan:This is Shahana’s house which means it’s my house too.Cleaning our own house does’nt make us a servant mom.

Shahana smiled.

Astrologer:Aliyaji,the problem is with your horoscope.So you have to clean the house by yourself alone.

Aliya was shocked.

Aliya:What rubbish!Are you asking me to clean this dirty house?

Astrologer:If you want to get rid of your Kundali dosh,you have to do so.

Aliya became dull.

Aliya:But I am wearing an expensive dress.It will get spoiled.

Shahana:Don’t worry Saasu Maa.I will give you my simple salwar suit.

Aliya:I don’t wear simple clothes like you.Aliya Mehra has got a standard.

Astrologer:But you need to maintain simplicity for 2 weeks.So you should wear only simple clothes for 2 weeks.

Aliya got irritated.

Aliya wore a simple salwar suit and cleaned the house.Shahana and the astrologer giggled seeing her clean the house alone.

Aliya was tired.She looked at her salwar kameez.

Aliya:I am so uncomfortable in this low cost dress.

Aryan:But look very beautiful even in the simple dress.

Aliya smiled.

As the astrologer said,Aliya cooked daily for everyone.Shahana was laughing secretly.

It was hard for Aliya to adjust in that small house which had no facilities.But Aryan had no complaints.

Shahana:Aryan,you always had a luxurious life.Then how are you adjusting here?

Aryan held her hand and said:You are my biggest luxury.When you are with me,I am very happy.

Aryan-Shahana shared a romantic eye lock.

Aliya saw it.She got irritated.

Aliya:They and their romance!

Aliya remembered her past moment with a man.It was their engagement function.

Aliya became emotional thinking of that moment.



2 weeks got over.

Shahana went near Aliya.

Shahana:How was the stay here Saasu Maa?You had fun?

Aliya kept quiet.

Shahana:You made fun of my dressing and now you are wearing my dress.I know that you spoiled the sweet dish I cooked for my Aryan.But now you must have understood how much effort is put to cook something.After all you cooked daily.How was the experience?

This is what happens when you play with me.

Aliya was stunned.

Aliya:That means was your plan to make me stay here like this?

Shahana:Exactly Saasu Maa.It was my plan to teach you a lesson for ridiculing me.

Aliya got angry:Youuu!How dare you?

Shahana:I dared to do it as I am Bahu No:1 Saasu Maa…

Suddenly Aryan came there.

Aryan:What’s mother in law and the daughter in law talking?

Aliya and Shahana gave a fake smile.

Aryan:I am so happy to see my mom and wife as friends.I love you both.

Aryan hugged both together and left.

Shahana:Aryan wants us to be friends.Atleast for Aryan,forget your hatred for me and be friends with me.

Aliya:Never!I can never be friends with you a girl like you especially after what you did to me.

Aliya walked away angrily.Shahana became dull.


They went back to the Mehra Mansion.


Aryan and Aliya were sitting and chatting.Shahana came from outside.

Aliya:Where were you bahu?

Shahana:I have brought a surprise for you both.

Aliya said in her mind:What low class surprise is she bringing?

Someone came from behind.

Aliya was shocked to see that person.

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