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Saasu Maa’s Bahu No:1 (Mother in law’s daughter in law No:1) Part 3


Aryan and Aliya were sitting and chatting.Shahana came from outside.

Aliya:Where were you bahu?

Shahana:I have brought a surprise for you both.

Aliya said in her mind:What low class surprise is she bringing?

Someone came from behind.

Aliya was shocked to see that person.

Aryan became so happy that he hugged that person.

Aryan:Dad!I missed you.

He:I missed you too beta.

Aliya got angry:Why are you here Yash?

Yash looked at her.

Aryan:Please mom…after a long time dad has come here.Please don’t make any fuss.

Shahana:And from now onwards dad will stay here.I have convinced him to stay here for Aryan.

Aryan:Thank you so much for bringing back my dad.This is the best surprise I ever got in my life.

Shahana:I had promised during our courtship itself that I will bring back your father.I kept my promise as I knew that your biggest happiness is with your dad.

Aryan embraced Shahana happily.Shahana smiled.

Yash:You got the best wife Aryan.

Aryan:Yes dad.

Yash looked at Aliya and said:Our daughter in law is the best Aliya.

Aliya stared at him angrily.

Aliya whispered:You have come back.But it’s only a temporary stay Yash.I will kick you out soon like last time.

Yash:This time I won’t go away Aliya.I made a big mistake by staying away from my family.I missed Aryan very much.Aryan was deprived of a father’s love because of the blunder I did.I realized my mistake.Now onwards I will stay here for my son and my daughter Shahana.Even if you try to kick me out,I will not go.

Aliya:Aryan himself will know your true colour and kick you out.

Yash:That will never happen as Aryan is not foolish like you.

Aliya:Let’s see.


Aliya walked away angrily.

Yash thought:I missed you also very much Aliya.But you can’t understand that.

Aryan arranged a grand birthday party for Shahana.

Shahana wore a gown.

Aryan stood close to her and said passionately:You are looking like a Princess.

Shahana smiled:I am your Princess Aryan.You made me a Princess.

Aryan smiled.

Aryan patted her cheek and wished her:Happy birthday Shahana.

Yash too wished her:Happy birthday beta.

Aliya was irritated.

Aliya remembered how Aryan used to arrange surprise birthday party for her before and Aliya giving the first piece of her birthday cake to Aryan.

Aliya said in her mind:Earlier Aryan used to do this for me.Now Aryan is wasting money for a middle class girl.But I will make sure that he will not repeat this blunder.

Shahana cut the cake and fed Aryan.Aryan fed her back.

Aliya:I have a gift for you Shahana.

All were surprised.

Shahana thought:Saasu Maa wants to gift me something?Something fishy..

Aliya played the picture of Shahana with a boy on the screen.

All were stunned.

Aliya:How is my birthday gift Shahana Bahu?

Shahana kept staring at her.

Aryan:What are you trying to show mom?

Aliya:The truth of your wife.This gold digger girl is cheating you behind your back.She was visiting him without your knowledge.Luckily i saw it and clicked their photograph.

Shahana became upset while Yash was confused.

Aryan:Stop it mom.I know my Shahana very well.I trust her completely.

Shahana looked at him emotionally.Yash smiled.

Aliya was shocked.

Aliya:Are you mad?Even after seeing the photograph,you are blindly trusting her?

Aryan:Mom,I know that you are concerned about me.But Shahana is not like you think.That boy is Rishi;Shahana’s step brother.Shahana’s father had married another woman after her mom’s death.Rishi is her son from her first marriage.After her father and stepmom passed away in an accident,Rishi was taken over by his maternal grand mother.Rishi and Shahana meet each other once in a while.Shahana went to meet Rishi after informing me.

Aliya was shocked.

Shahana:Saasu Maa,you did’nt do right by accusing me.My love for Aryan is not that weak to cheat him for money.I love Aryan the most in this world.

Aliya felt guilty.

Yash:Aliya,you should apologize to Shahana.

Aliya’s ego did not allow her to apologize.

Aryan:Mom,if you want your son to be happy please apologize to Shahana.Otherwise I will leave this house with my wife.

Aliya was shocked.

Aliya:What did you say?You will leave this house?

Aryan:Yes.Why should I stay where my wife’s self respect is questioned?

Yash:I will also join them.

Aliya:I don’t care whether you go or not.But I will not allow my son to go.For him,I will apologize to this girl.

Aliya looked at Shahana.

Aliya:I am sorry.

Shahana:Still you hate me.I can understand that from your face.Why Saasu Maa?Why do you hate me?

Aliya:Because you are a middle class girl and all middle class girls are cheaters.

Shahana:Why sasu maa?Why do you feel so?

Aryan:Mom,I don’t understand why you hate Shahana for a silly reason.Till now you have not even told me why you hate dad.You were not like this when I was small.How did you change so much mom?

Aliya:I hid your dad’s truth as I did’nt want to hurt you.I knew how much you loved your dad.So his truth would have hurt you.Your dad only changed me.Ask your dad what he did to me.

Aryan-Shahana looked at Yash.

Yash:I did’nt do anything wrong.But you misunderstood me Aliya.You did’nt trust me like Aryan trusted Shahana.You did’nt even listen to what I wanted to say.

Aliya:You are lying.

Aryan:First you tell me what happened in your life.

Aliya:Yash,Akshara and I were classmates in college.Yash and Akshara were best friends.So I considered Akshara as my friend too.Akshara¬†was a middle class girl.But still I considered her as my friend.Our community warned me to stay away from a middle class girl like Akshara.But I did not listen to them.Yash and I loved each other and got married.When Aryan was small,Yash started visiting Akshara frequently.But I did not mind it as I knew their deep friendship.But my friend Tanu told me about their secret affair.I did not believe it.But Tanu told me confidently that Yash was with Akshara.So I went to Akshara’s house.There I saw Akshara in Yash’s arms.I felt cheated.So I ditched Yash and Yash left the house.A middle class girl like Akshara cheated me.All middle class girls are cheaters.

Aryan and Shahana were shocked.

Aryan:Is this true dad?

Shahana:I am sure that dad has his own version to share.Say that dad.

Yash:Yes.That day Aliya did not listen to my version.So today I will say that.

Aliya:I am not interested to listen.

Yash:Years back you did the mistake of not listening to me.I will not let you repeat that mistake now.Today you have to listen to me Aliya.

Aliya was silent.

Yash:Akshara was my childhood friend.So she shared everything with me.She shared her secret only with me.She was raped by her colleague.That boy kept blackmailing her.

Akshara was so scared that she slipped into depression.She even tried to commit suicide.If I had’nt reached on time she would have died.That’s why I started visiting her more often.When she was crying,I consoled her and made her smile.Like I wished,after a long time she smiled and rested her head on my shoulder.I was very happy to see her smile.We just had a friendly side hug.

But Aliya saw that and misunderstood the situation.Akshara had visited Aliya to tell her the truth.But Aliya did’nt even allow her to come inside.

Aliya was stunned.

Aliya:No.You are lying.

Yash:Why should I lie?If I had loved Akshara,after getting separated from you I could have divorced you legally and married her.But Akshara and I did not get married.I tried to get justice for Akshara and finally I succeeded in it by punishing her rapist legally.

Aliya:You may not have married Akshara.But you may have had a live in relationship with her.You enjoyed with her for years.Right?Did she leave you and is that why you are back to me?

Yash:Stop it Aliya.Akshara has never loved me.She married a man named Naitik and have lovely children now.

Aliya was shocked.

Aliya:No.You are lying.

Yash took the phone and showed her the pictures of Akshara,Naitik and their children.

Yash:You got the proof.Right?

Aliya was confused.

Aliya:But why should Tanu lie to me?

Yash:Actually it was not Akshara,but Tanu was after me.But i hid it from you as I did’nt want to make you sad by revealing your best friend’s true face to you.Maybe because I avoided her,she did this.

Aliya was shocked:No….




Aliya met Tanu.

Aliya:Tell me the truth Tanu.You lied to me.Right?

Tanu:I don’t want to dig the past.

Aliya:But it’s essential for me to know the truth.Say.

Aliya pressurized Tanu to say the truth.Finally Tanu burst out.

Tanu:Yes.I lied to you that Yash and Akshara were cheating you.Because I did’nt get Yash.So I did’nt want you to live happily with Yash.

Aliya slapped Tanu.


Aliya:I trusted you so much.But you cheated me.Because of that I hurt the people who actually loved me.

Aliya was crying.

Aliya visited Akshara.

Aliya:Even after accusing you and not allowing you to come inside my house,you allowed me to enter your house.You are great Akshara.

Akshara:Because you are still my friend Aliya.

Aliya shed tears.

Aliya:Please forgive me Akshara.I realized the truth very late.

Akshara wiped her tears.

Akshara:You realized the truth.That’s more than enough for me.Yash is the one who suffered the most.You please go to him.He won’t get a better happiness than this.Because he loves you even now.

Aliya wept thinking of Yash.



Aliya went near Yash shedding tears.


Yash was stunned to see a shattered Aliya.

He held her hand.

Yash:Aliya,are you alright?

Aliya:Please forgive me Yash even though i don’t deserve pardon for snatching your son and happiness from you for years.

Yash became sad seeing her tears.

Yash cupped her face and said:I don’t want to hear ‘sorry’ from you.You realized the truth and you regret your past deeds.I can see my old Aliya now.I got my Aliya back.I am very happy Aliya.

They embraced each other emotionally.

Aryan-Shahana smiled emotionally.

Seeing Shahana,Aliya went near her.

Aliya:I am sorry Shahana.I misunderstood that you are a gold digger who was after my son.But you are a gold hearted girl.Aryan won’t get a better girl than you.

Aryan,Yash and Shahana smiled.

Aliya and Shahana hugged each other surprising Aryan and Yash.

Aliya looked at Yash:Yash,now onwards you please stay with me in my room.I need you.

He smiled happily.



In the room….

Aliya lay down on Yash’s lap and Yash caressed her head.

Aliya:When we were young,I used to sleep on your lap like this.

Yash:Yes.I was missing those moments very badly and I am glad that again you laid your head on my lap like before.

She smiled emotionally and closed her eyes holding his hand.

He smiled.



Aryan was very happy.He was so excited that he lifted her up in his arms.

Aryan:I am happy that my parents are together now.I always wished for this Shahana.You brought luck to this family.After you came to this family,happiness has come back to us.

Shahana:You also brought luck to me Aryan.Because of you,an orphan like me got a lovely family too.

They embraced each other happily.



The next day…

Aliya:Abir and Mishti are going for their 2nd honeymoon.I just realized that Aryan and Shahana have not gone for honeymoon yet.

So I have booked tickets for them to Switzerland.

Aryan-Shahana were surprised.

Shahana:But such an expensive trip…

Aliya:You both deserve the most expensive trip as you both are the most expensive couple because of the love you both have for each other.

Aryan-Shahana smiled at each other.

Shahana asked Aliya:What should I wear for the trip?

Aliya:Whatever you like.Whatever you wear,you will be the best as you were my Bahu No:1.

Shahana hugged Aliya:Saasu Maa’s Bahu No:1.

Yash:You were my Bahu No:1 means?I’s past tense.

Aliya:It’s past tense.Because Shahana is no more my Bahu.

Aryan and Yash became dull.

Aliya:Now she is my Beti No:1.

Shahana:And she is my Maa now,not Saasu Maa.

Aliya and Shahana hugged each other cheerfully.

Aryan and Yash smiled happily.



Aryan-Shahana enjoyed their honeymoon in Switzerland.

Darshan Raval – Tu Mileya #Aryan & #Sahana #Kumkumbhagya – YouTube

Mainu Rab mileya
Sab mileya
Jab tu mileya mainu
Mainu hajj mileya
Rajj rajj mileya
Mainu jab mileya hai tu

Mainu Rab mileya
Mainu sab mileya
Mainu jab mileya hai tu

Mainu haq mileya
Rooh tak mileya
Mainu jab mileya hai tu

Tera hona ik sapna lagda
Bas ek tu hi apna lagda
Tere bina hun nahi ji laggna ve

Oh sohneya
Mere sohneya
Mainu nahi jeena
Tere bina

Oh sohneya
Mere sohneya
Mainu nahi jeena
Tere bina

Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu
Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu hai

Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu
Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu hai

O… Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu
Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu hai

Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu
Tu hi tu, Tu hi tu hai

Raat da hanera main
Tu hi chann mera hai
Dekh kitna sohna rabb ne
Saath likh diya hai

Ab yeh khwaab toote na
Saath ab ye choote na
Kaske tu thaam lena piya

Har saah tere naam main kar doon
Gham saare tere khud mein hi bhar loon
Rehna bas mere roobaroo

Oh sohneya
Mere sohneya
Mainu nahi jeena
Tere bina

Oh sohneya
Mere sohneya
Mainu nahi jeena
Tere bina

(Darshan Raval – Tu Mileya)

The End.

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