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Suhani tries to make Surya sign property transfer papers. Gehna snatches papers and tears them. Surya gets angry. Suhani says Gehna is interested in his property and not him. Gehna says who is the betrayer will be out now. Surya shouts how dare she is to call his mother a betrayer. Gehna says Suhani is hiding a big truth from him, she will not go without revealing it. Suhani says let her spill the venom. Gehna reveals that Suhani is not his biological mother, now she realized shy Suhani ill treats her and loves only Sikandar and forcing Surya to transfer property in Sikandar’s name. She says that is because Suhani adopted him. Surya warns her to stop wrongly alleging his mother. Suhani says Gehna should be ashamed to question a mother’s motherhood and tries to take Surya’s oath. Gehna stops her and shows adoption papers to Surya. Surya is shocked to see that. Suhani asks if he trusts this girl more than his mother. Surya says this paper cannot be wrong. Suhani asks if he needs papers to prove his mother’s love for him and walks away saying she will show him papers now.

Gehna and surya wait in living room. Daadi walks in and asks what is happening. Suhani throws papers, baby clothes, and toys from balcony towards Surya and says she prepared it for him on his first birthday. Surya then picks Suhani and a baby’s pic. Suhani says its clicked when he walked for the first time. She then shows him his birth certificate and says a piece of paper is more important than a mother’s words. She then taunts Gehna that Surya will listen to her than his mother, Gehna’s fake adoption paper took away her son from her. Surya apologizes Suhani for misunderstanding her and blames Gehna. Gehna says she fell in Suhani’s trap and heard Suhani telling someone that he is her adopted son, she found these adoption papers from Suhani’s room. Surya raises his hand to slap Gehna. Suhani stops him and asks him not to dirty his hand by touching Gehna and let god punish her.

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