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Gehna waks to hospital pharmacy thinking Suray’s life can be saved only by the injection and prays god to help her. A boy notices her bleeding from her stomach injury and tells her that his father is a doctor and can treat her. She asks his name. He says his name is Krishna. She asks him to get her an injection, gives money and injection name to him, and asks him to buy it from the pharmacy. He buys the injection and walks toward Gehna. She imagines Lord Krishna in him. She thanks the boy and walks on road when she is about to meet with an accident, but the taxi driver stops his taxi at right time and offers her a free ride. She accepts it and leaves in a taxi. Sikandar reaches there in his car searching for her.

Gehna returns home and notices Surya’s condition worsening. She tells him that she will not let anything happen to him. She then gets more worried noticing his body getting cold and hesiates to inject him. Praful asks her not to think much and inject Surya. Gehna injects Surya. On the other side, Sikandar’s goon catch taxi driver and take him to Sikandar. Sikandar tortures him and orders to tell where he dropped Gehna if he doesn’t want to die. Taxi driver agrees to tell him everything.

Gehna cries seeing Surya not reacting and starts crying. Jamuna asks her to calm down and wait for some time. Gehna says they need to shift Surya to the hospital soon. Praful says police and Sikandar’s goons searching for her. S he says she can’t let Surya die. Sikandar with his goons reaches there and says Surya has to die for sure. He threatens Gehna to come out before he counts 3. Gehn goes out and locks the door from outside. Praful and Jamuna asks her to open the door. She walks to Sikandar. Sikandar says there is no need to hide Surya, her game is over. Gehna says he cannot harm Surya until she is alive. He says she is so overconfident of herself. She says when she is dying, she wants to know why he killed Anant and why he wants to kill Surya now. He says he killed Anant as he was about to harm his business empire. She asks why he wants to kill his own sibling. He says Surya is becoming dangerous as he wants to take over his business, so even Surya has to die . He says even she will die and points gun at her. She pleads him to stop. He shoots at her. She falls down and calls Surya. Surya in sleep calls Gehna.

Police reaches there and inspector tells Sikandar that he is under arrest for for killing Anant and also for attempting to kill Surya. Gehna stands up and throws the bullet pillow jaket away. She mocks Sikandar that he lost the game once again. She reveals that she sent that the taxi driver to him and also called the Police to expose him. She says he wanted to kill Surya, now she wrote a dark jail room in his life forever. He reacts. She slaps him and says if his mother had slapped him in the childhood, he wouldn’t have taken a wrong path. She slaps him repeatedly for insulting womanhood, killing Anantji, troubling her, attemping to Surya, etc., and curses him that he will die in jail and if it was posisble, she would have tortured him and not let him die easily. He warns that this hasn’t ended yet. She warns to dare not return again or else she hreself will do justice to him. Police drags him and his goons.

Surya regains his consciousness and cals Gehna. Jamuna and Praful rush to him and inform Gehna that Surya is awake now, Sikandar’s hatred lost and Gehna’s love won. Gehna feels happy noticing Surya awake.

Precap: Gehna informs Jamuna that she heard Suhani telling someone over phone that Surya is not her biological son. Jamuna says its easy for Suhani to manipulate birth certificate, how will Gehna find out truth. Gehna says via DNA test.

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