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The Episode starts with Saavi driving her auto. She gets worried for the marriage expenses. Noore khuda song plays….Ananya comes and hugs Saavi. She says your day starts with biscuit and ends with biscuit. Saavi says you are talking like elders, and tells that the wallet is left by a passenger in Chattriprasad and asks her to remind her to return it to him. Ananya says ok. She tells that Tashu was telling that Jiju is good. Nityam checks Ananya’s profile and sees Saavi’s profile. He thinks she is a thief. Tashu comes there and says she is inspiration for many girls being no. 1 auto wali. Saavi comes to the place and waits for Shivam. Police is taking Shivam from there. Saavi tells Inspector that Shivam is innocent like Shiv. Shivam tells that he is accused of mixing poison in the canteen food. Saavi says he can’t do this. Inspector takes him. Saavi thinks who is trapping him.

Sonam is happy that they trapped Shiv in the Police case. Ratna says if anyone comes to know that we had mixed poison in the food then we will be in the Police station instead of Malwa resort. Sonam says when you are with me, all my problems are solved. They laugh for trapping Shivam. Nutan comes there and asks Sonam about Alta. Sonam says I don’t know, asks her to ask Saavi and tells that she is the bride. Nutan gets emotional that 6 people will go, and 5 will return. She goes.

Vedika is upset that the Servant lost the kundali. Servant Giridhar cries while searching it. All servants search for it. Nityam asks why she is so worried, when the kundalis are matched, she got the bahu of her choice and he got life partner who can handle his business. Vedika shouts Nityam and says this is your marriage, which you will wrap up in two hours, thinking it as an event. He says if you want then will marry on laptop. Nityam says he has important meeting after two hours, and he doesn’t believe on kundalis. Vedika shouts saying the marriage will happen with all the rituals, and for that she needs the kundalis. Nityam asks why? Vedika says if had understood the importance of kundalis, then your Papa would have been alive. She says she wants Kundalis. Nityam asks Giridhar and other Servants to move, and says I will search the kundalis now. He says all the rituals, and customs will happen as you want. He removes his suit coat to search the kundalis.

Saavi brings alta plate and asks Nutan if she is crying about Sonam’s bidaai. Nutan says it is the pain which she can’t get away with it. She says I never thought that I have to bear this alone and misses her husband. Saavi cries with her. Nutan says I didn’t know about the rituals properly, and couldn’t make the alta paste. Saavi says I have done. Nutan cries missing her husband. Saavi says Papa is with us, in our hearts always. Nutan kisses her cheeks and cries. Saavi says you have done it right, and says she had mixed some powder in alta paste.

Nityam searches for the kundalis in the stuff which they are taking to Malwa Resort. He finds the kundalis and gives it to Vedika. Vedika is thankful and says you are best son. Nityam says yes, I am. He says if everything is over, then mahurat will go. He says all the things will happen with all rituals etc. He smiles.

Himesh tells Dimpy that the marriage will be fun. Dimpy says Baudi doesn’t want any trouble to come, but black reflection is me, and says the marriage will not happen.

Sonam does the aarti in her house while Saavi plays the shank. Nutan says today you will go from this house Sonam and when you return home, you will come as Mrs. Dalmia and asks her to take God’s blessings. Saavi says the right thing shall happen. Brijesh gives envelope to Sonam as shagun. Ratna says Sonam’s manicure will not be done with this light weight envelope. Saavi says intentions shall be seen. Sonam asks her not to give lecture. Nutan goes to bring Alta. Brijesh says Vedika ji sent the car and asks Saavi to come. Saavi asks them to go and says she will come later. He asks if she will ride the auto even today. Sonam says just 3 days, once I become Mrs. Dalmia then I will give you a big tip to cover all the loss. She then says she is joking. Ananya asks if she is going to return the customer’s purse. Saavi thinks she can’t tell anyone about Shiv Bhaiya. Sonam says you don’t want to come, due to this small thing. Saavi tells that the customer was very nice guy and she just wants to help him. Nutan brings Alta plate. Saavi asks Sonam to leave her hand impressions on the wall. Sonam says she don’t want to do this ritual, as her costly manicure will be spoiled. Saavi says this color is temporary and will go away. Sonam dips Saavi’s hands in the alta and leaves her hand impressions on the wall. She says bye and goes. Saavi gets worried.

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