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Doctor : Tej, I suggest let you think well. Jhanvi’s age also need to be considered.

Jhanvi : Dr. This is a human life, My son Abhi also was once in my womb just like these. I can bear pains, complications because I am sure once this baby comes to world by seeing baby’s my all pains are going to be healed and I will be one of the happiest mother of the world. I really don’t want to miss it.

Tej : Jhanvi, Still you can think twice. I don’t want to force anything on you. Your health is very important and even if you doesn’t want to

Jhanvi : Tej please, You can’t imagine how much I am happier now. Again I am going to hold a baby in my hands, Baby’s little smile, little acts, playful days are giving me colourful dreams, I don’t want to lose it. Trust me please

Tej : As your wish , Jhanvi. Do you have any opinion Abhi ?

Abhi : Maa has finally decided to give a sibling to me, I am excited to see her.

Doctor : Abhi, how could you say that it’s a girl only ?

Abhi : My heart feels definitely it will be a girl only. Moreover like my Dad I am as their son ,but like my Mom no one is in home. And I really want baby should be a girl just as cute and sweet in nature like my Mom only.

Jhanvi : Thanks a lot Abhi

Abhi : Mom, why are you saying Thanks ? Come on baby princess will be coming , We need to welcome her.

Tej : Even if it’s a boy also we will welcome , hey naa ?

Abhi : Yeah dad, but I really wanna a little sister.

Doctor : Okay, so it’s decided. Jhanvi Mam please have this medicines. And Tej you should take care off her health well.

Tej : Yeah sure.

Abhi : By the way dad what will the baby call me ? I am baby’s bhai and at the same time not less than the age of a little baby’s dad. So what will baby call me ?

Tej : You are baby’s bro and dad. So baby will call you BRODAD.


Jhanvi : Awwww it’s so cute to hear

Abhi : Dad you are fantastic.

Abhi hugs Tejvi

Abhi : Brodad, how beautiful to hear ? I can’t wait any more, When will the 9 months get to an end.

Jhanvi : Wait a little, after waiting you will get the sweet honey, my dearest Son.

Sacred Relationships

Tejvi hold each other’s hands and walks away. Abhi follows them and smiles, meanwhile his eyes went on a couple who was with their baby for seeing doctor. While entering inside the car Abhi imagines getting married with Pragya and having a baby with them.

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Pragya : Please change the diaper of baby

Abhi ; Me , Pragya ?

Pragya : Aur nahi toh kyaa ?Dekh nahi rahe ho ? Mein Princess kee baal bana rahi hoon, Wph abbh UKG mein hein. Kitni shararat karti hein.Mein ghar, office, princess , baby sabko sambhalti hoon. Aap hamare baby ke diaper nahi badal sakte ?

Abhi smiles

Abhi : That moment will be really beautiful for me. Awww I need to handle two babies, My cute princess and the one who has to come yet .

Jhanvi : Abhi, where you lost yourself ? Kyun akele mein baat kar rahe ho ?

Abhi : Nothing Mom.

Jhanvi : Abhi, we have reached home.

Tej : Jhanvi , You go inside and take rest. Mein Aur Abhi thoda ghoomke wapas aa jayenge.

Jhanvi : Kya khichdi pak rahe hein aap donon mein ?

Tej : Kuch bhi nahi, Jhanvi please.

Jhanvi : Okay baba. Abhi, Tej come back soon

Abhi : Yeah Mom

Tej and Abhi goes to a super market

Tej : Hold it Abhi, Sweet Potatoes, Avvocado, Pomegranate , Berries, Almonds

Abhi ; Dad why are you purchasing these much ?

Tej : Beta during pregnancy your Mom should be healthy. See as my parents are not alive, I have to take double care of my sweet wife.

Abhi : Woh sab toh theek hain. But have you said this to Naani ?

Tej : Oh Teri !! Waise bhi woh kya sochegi ?

Abhi : Dad dekha jaayega , You should call her and talk with her.

Tej  : Yeah, chalo

Next day Tejvi goes to the village of Jhanvi.

Tej : Namaste Maa

Naani : Daamad ji mein sirf Jhanvi kee Maa hoon , Aap mujhe Saasumaa hee bulayenge, kitni baar bolna padega

Jhanvi : Maa how’s your health ?

Naani : I am good, Jhanvi why your face has become so much pale ?

Tej : Because of the weather only.

Jhanvi : Yeah Maa.

Abhi : Dad why you are not straightly saying it ?

Naani : Kyaa baat hein ?

Jhanvi : Nothing Maa

Tej : Woh Aapki beti Jhanvi

Naani : Haaye Ram, Kya huwa usse ?

Jhanvi : Maa I am

Abhi : Mom is Pregnant, Naani. You should hold her hand and congratulate her.

Naani ; What ?

Tej : Abhi, Mein bataane hi waala thaa, Kyun iss tarah bol diya ?

Naani laughs

Naani : Itni see baat, Arrey Jhanvi tere chaacha ke toh chaar bacche hein, Ek mein hoon iss parivaar mein eklauti aulad paida karke ghoomti hoon, Waise Daamad Ji aapne toh mera dil khush kar diya. Mein awungi naa apni bacchi kaa khayal rakhne.

Jhanvi : Maa

Jhanvi hugs her and all smiles

They reaches back to their home . They gets surprised to see Pragya, Sekhar and Vedashree at their home.

Tej ; Shekhar aap log kab aaye ?

Sekhar : Congrats my friend Tej

Vedashree : Jhanvi jee Aapki chamak toh chandni jaisi hein

Pragya : Uncle aap logon ko kyaa laga ? Aap log nahi batayenge toh humein pata nahi chalega ?

Sekhar : Exactly. Tum bhool rahe ho Dr. Satya mera bhi dost hein Tej . Actually I went to meet Doctor Satya for asking a help from his son. I am going to open an advertising company and I want a Co-ordinator there. Satya’s son had experience in this field and that’s why I decided to meet him. There only I came to know about this good news. Tej , you are really naughty yaar.

Vedashree : Jhanvi ji, Waise bacche kaa naam kya socha hein ?

Abhi : Woh responsibility aap log please Mujhpe aur Pragya pe chodiye.

Pragya ;Exactly. Hum log naa bahut pyaare naam batayenge.

Tej : Thank you . Aap log aaye aur aap logon ne dil khush kar diya

Days were passing and it was a Diwali day. All were present at Tejvi’s house . Naani does the pooja of Lord Krishna.

Naani : Baal gopal jee ke tasveer lagaya karo kamre mein. Baccha accha milega, aisa ek vishwas hein beti.

Jhanvi : Ji Maa.

Tejvi looks each other, On the other hand Abhigya also were in the colourful world of their happier moments. Abhigya dances well at the occassion of Diwali.

Seeing them together their parents were happy.

Sekhar : Mein kyaa socha raha thaa, Tej ek baar donon apne studies complete kar le, We can fix their alliance.

Tej : Really Sekhar ?

Vedashree : Haan Tej bhai. Better than Abhi who will be the best one for Pragya ? I am sure both will be happy

Jhanvi : Let them enjoy, I mean their college days are not over. So we need to wait.

Sekhar : Ji.

Vedashree :By the way how can we get assurance do they really love each other ? Or is this a friendship only ?

Tej : Abhi definitely loves Pragya, it’s visible in his eyes

Sekhar : Let me take a test. Aap log saath dena, okay.

Vedashree : Done

Pragya and Abhi comes near their parents

Sekhar : What’s your view about Dr. Satya’s son Rakesh ?

Pragya : Why Dad you are asking about him to me ?

Vedashree : In general , Pragya. Just want to know what you thinks about him.

Pragya : He is educated, nice and now is running his own company and well settled. His behaviour is also good.

Sekhar : So definitely he can go for a marriage , hey naa ?

Pragya : Yeah obviously. I must say whoever marries that guy she will get a good life.

Vedashree : Satya has asked your hand for his son, Pragya.

Pragya : What ?

Sekhar ; We said you are studying in college and you haven’t finished it. Then after studies you need to think about your carrer also. But he said he will wait for that much time.

Pragya : But dad , I am not ready for this.

Vedashree : Just now you said he is good, then what’s the problem ?

Pragya : Because I…..

Pragya looks Abhi. Abhi looks her.

Naani : Aap log bhi naa, Joh baat zuban nahi bol paa rahe hein, woh bacchon ke aankh bata rahe hein. Aur kya proof chahiye aap logon ko ?

Abhigya takes their eyesight away.

Sekhar holds Pragya’s hand

Sekhar : Tumhari choice mujhe Pasand hein, And when the right time arrives I will ask to Tej that his son Abhi should hold my daughter Pragya’s hand. Hey naa ?

Pragya blushes in smile, Abhi also smiles. All laughs, Pragya walks from there.

Vedashree : Jaayiye, Mere future DamaadJi, jaake uske saath waqt bitaayiye

Abhi : Ji!!!!

Jhanvi : Future Damaadji, Jaayiye naa

Abhi ; Mom aap bhi naa !!

Jhanvi : Just kidding only

Abhi walks from there. Abhi and Pragya was very much happier now. Abhi comes behind Pragya as Pragya was standing at a corner.

Abhi : Pragya seems you are in deep thinking

Pragya turned back and looked him

Abhi ; Pragya, Is there any problem ? I guess what our parents said has made you upset, won’t you ?

Pragya : No Abhi, not that. I am very much happy that our parents understood everything even before we properly opened our hearts to each other. They are able to see our heart’s desires so well. We are so lucky and blessed to have these much lovely and good parents.

Abhi : Yeah Pragya. I am also very much happy today. When that new born baby will see whole family with little eyes that baby will give a beautiful smile. It could be one of the best moment of our lives.

Pragya : Abhi, I am also eagerly waiting for that baby’s arrival. Waise tumne kyaa naam socha hein ?

Abhi : I want a cute little Princess , but name hasn’t decided.

Pragya ; Let me think, Why can’t we call her as Gunjan ?

Abhi : No, Matlab kuch aur naam sochte hein naa

Pragya : Okay, waise agar princess kee jagah prince nikle toh

Abhi ; Toh tum koi bhi naam rakh lo, no objection.

Pragya : Waise I also wants to see a baby girl. Let’s see what time says.

Abhi : Yeah.

Pragya : Abhi what will baby call me ?

Abhi : Mmh , Baby will call me as  BroDad and you are also like Baby’s sister as well as Mom. So baby will call you Sis Mom. How is it ?

Pragya : Wow!!  SisMom. Oh My God!! That moment will be so memorable , I Loved it.

Abhi : Is that Love only for the baby and word Sismom ? The one who suggested the name also should get a gesture of Love.

Pragya : Mmh. Abhi

Abhi :Yeah Pragya, I am listening.

Abhi kept one of her hands at his shoulder and he encircled his hands towards her back. Pragya and Abhi looked each other’s eyes .

Abhi : You didn’t say anything and I didn’t get the gesture of love also

Pragya : Just close your eyes Abhi, you will get it.

Abhi closed his eyes.

Pragya : My dear Rockstar your rhythm has already tightened my heart beat and I couldn’t handle myself because each and every moment my eyes are longing to see you, my ears loves to hear your tunes and I really …..\

Abhi : Say it Pragya

Pragya : My first gesture of love to you Abhi . I am going to give it

Pragya quickly kissed at Abhi’s cheek, a wide smile came on Abhi’s lips

Abhigya hold each other closely

They rubbed their noses and smiled.

Abhi : This was the best gesture of love, Pragya. You added honey to my happiness and I also couldn’t stop myself from giving you it back.Abhi runned his fingers on Pragya’s face at that magnetic touch Pragya closed her eyes again and Abhi gently kissed on her cheek

Abhi : My gesture of Love to my Future Wife , I couldn’t kept anything as debt, especially when it’s the matter of kiss. You kissed me once, But I will kiss you millions of times, Pragya.

Pragya opened her eyes and looked Abhi

Pragya : Promise me Abhi, You will always give me space at your heart

Abhi : My heart is already for you, Pragya.

Pragya : You made me to feel very much special today. I want to live each moment with you Abhi.

Abhi : Those days will arrive soon when we both will unite from hearts and soul.

Pragya’s eyes went teary

Abhi : What happened Pragya ? Why tears are in your eyes ?

Pragya : These are tears of happiness only. I was overwhelmed with your words of love.

Abhi : Even if it’s for joy also I can’t bear tears in your eyes.

He wiped her tears and kisses at her forehead. They both hugged each other

Umr Bhar Ka Intezaar
Ik Pal Bhi Na Qaraar
Ungli Pe Nachaaye Dastaan

Ho Apne Roothe, Paraaye Roothe
Yaar Roothe Naa…
Khwaab Toote, Waade Toote
Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe
Saath Chhoote Naa
Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe
Saath Chhoote Naa

O Allah Wariyan
O Main Toh Haariyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye plays….

Meanwhile they couldn’t hold the happiness anymore as like a storm Aliya entered there.

Aliya : Waah!!! Kyaa scene hein ?

Abhigya gets back to their positions.

Tej : Aliya

Aliya : Oh , so you remember my name also Bhaiya. How is my pyaari bhabhi ?

Naani : Issko bhi aaj hi aana thaa ?

Jhanvi : I am good

Aliya : Congrats , you all are celebrating by lightening lamps in this diwali , And one more thing Bhabhi is going to give a child to this family again. What a great news, Those times when a man slips to his old age my brother and his wife are in celebration of becoming parents. What a time it is ? Let me remind you years back at this diwali day your elder son Abhi killed my baby who was in my womb only. And you both are enjoying your baby’s arrival over my baby’s dead body ?

Tej screamed : Aliya , Enough !!!

Aliya : I haven’t completed my words, My husband is admitted in hospital and you people are bursting crackers of Diwali here ?

Jhanvi : What are you saying Aliya ?

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