Salim Khan’s reaction on the breakup of Salman Khan-Aishwarya was something like this, know what was angry about it!

So far the news of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai’s breakup It had spread all around. Meanwhile, when the media talked to Salman Khan’s father and industry’s famous writer Salim Khan on the breakup of Salman and Aishwarya Rai, he had openly said that, ‘If Salman and Aishwarya’s relationship will be strong, then no power in the world will help them. Will not be able to separate from each other, even if you kill them, they will become immortal lovers’.

At the same time, during the interview, Salim Sahab was also angry with the fact that the media was publishing very negative news about Salman Khan. However, after the breakup with Salman Khan, Aishwarya was in a serious relationship with actor Vivek Oberoi and after her breakup with Vivek, she married actor Abhishek Bachchan in the year 2007.

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