Salman Khan’s life became difficult after the threat, know how life is being spent for safety

Salman Khan Life After Death Threat: Salman Khan, who dusted the villain with his domineering style in films, is under tight security these days. Recently, he received death threats, after which he rarely comes out of the house. The Mumbai Police has also beefed up the security arrangements so that even Salman’s hair could not be spoiled. Gangster Lawrence Vishnoi wrote a letter to Salim Khan saying that Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala  Like he will do the same for Salman Khan. Just this threat has changed the whole life of Salman Khan.

Ghar se kam nikalte hai Dabang Khan

Salman Khan is imprisoned in the house after the death threats. Recently, he had reached for the promotion of Kicha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez’s film ‘Vikrant Rona’. After a long time, Salman was seen on a public platform. Salman Khan is reaching with heavy security for the shooting of films. There is a whole circle of guards around him, between which Salman Khan walks.

Bulletproof Car

Salman Khan was earlier seen on the streets riding a bicycle. There were only a few security guards around him, out of which his special Shera also lived, but since Salman Khan has received death threats, he is not seen on a bicycle even in an ordinary car. Salman has also upgraded his car. Actors now step out of the house in a white colored bulletproof Land Cruiser vehicle. Not only this, a contingent of armed security guards runs with weapons in front of his vehicle.

Armed Security

Weapon License

Why Salman received death threats

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