Samsung will get Android 14 update on this day, they have got Android 13 support

Android 14 Update: Samsung has released OneUI 5 based on Android 13 for Galaxy S, Galaxy Fold / Flip, Galaxy A series phones launched this year. It is reported that by next month many mid and budget range phones of Samsung will start getting Android 13 update. Compared to the last few years, Samsung has started giving Android updates to its devices sooner. On one hand Chinese companies are rolling out Android 13 for their flagship phones, while on the other hand Samsung has started rolling out the latest update for its mid and budget range phones as well.

4 years of Android OS updates

Till here the matter does not end. The company is claiming that we will be the first to roll out the Android 14 update next year. Such reports are also coming out that the company can introduce Android 14 with Galaxy Z Fold 5/Galaxy Z Flip 5. Along with this, Samsung is now claiming to provide Android OS updates for up to 4 years in all its devices. This means that if you have bought a device with Android 13, then you will get the update till Android 16 in the same device.

Don’t have to wait for Android 14

Smartphones with Android 13 update

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