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Scene 1
Gauri is leaving with an unconscious Tara when Amrita comes there. She asks her to give her daughter to her. Gauri stands near a bridge and says I will jump if you come near me. Amrita says you want money, I can give you that. Gauri says don’t move closer otherwise I will throw her from the bridge, she asks her to leave. Amrita says your time has ended. The police arrive there with Rajeev. Amrita smirks and says you thought only you could play the games? The flashback shows how Amrita called Rajeev and asks him to trace her location and come there. The flashback ends. Rajeev tells Gauri that you will rot in jail now. Amrita takes Tara from her. Gauri says why would I kidnap my own daughter? She asks Amrita to tell him the truth that Tara is my daughter and Chandini is your daughter. Rajeev asks her to shut up, do you have any proof? Gauri shows the cheque to him and says Amrita asked me to leave Chandini with her and take Tara with me. She gave me this cheque too. She shows the papers which says that Tara can leave with Gauri. Rajeev and asks Gauri to tell him everything. Gauri says Amrita and Alok got to know that the kids got swapped in the hospital. I am not lying. Rajeev says Tara is my life, my daughter.. Tara wakes up slightly so Rajeev hugs her and says she is my daughter only. He asks Amrita to confirm it. Amrita says no, Chandini is our daughter and Tara is Gauri’s daughter.

Tara is brought back in the house. The doctor checks Tara and tells Rajeev that she is okay now, he leaves. Rajeev stops Amrita and says you can’t meet my daughter. Amrita says Tara needs me. Maasa says you kept lying to us, you never told us about Gauri and her family. Gauri looks on, she whispers to Gopal to be silent. Amrita tells the family that Tara is Gauri’s daughter but she was lying about other things. Rajeev says you kept lying to us so I don’t trust you anymore. Amrita says I was protecting my kids. Rajeev says enough, you shouldn’t even stay here anymore. He grabs her hand and starts throwing her out of the house.

Chandini comes to Tara’s room and sees her unconscious. She prays for her and holds her hand. Tara wakes up and murmurs for mama. She pushes Chandini away.

Rajeev is taking Amrita out of the house but she stops him and says how can you throw me out of here? I have decorated this house with life. I have given upbringing to my daughter, you can’t throw me out of here, this is my house too, I have given my life to this house. Rajeev says you kept lying to your own family? Amrita says I gave a blank cheque to Gauri to leave Tara and Chanda both here. I know she doesn’t care about the kids and I didn’t know about kidnapping at all. Gauri was the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

Tara tells Chanda that you should stay away from me, you are just a servant so get lost. Chanda asks her to rest.

Gauri tells Amrita that you are putting blame on me because I am a poor woman? I stole things to raise my kids and you are questioning my love for my kids? I love Chanda also. Amrita says you care about Tara but you were ready to throw Tara from the bridge? Gauri says you are changing your story? Amrita tells the family that I hid some things to protect my kids. Rajeev says stop pretending to be a good mother, you are at fault too, no one will trust you. I am taking all your rights back on this house. I am ending our relationship. Maasa stops him and says no.. you can’t break your relationship with Amrita. If you get divorced then our family name will be tarnished. People will start gossiping about Chanda and Tara if you both get divorced. Lakshita is angry hearing that. Maasa says Amrita won’t leave the house and that’s final. She tells Gauri that I can forgive you but can I trust you? Gauri says I respect you a lot. Maasa says give us Chanda then. All look on.

The episode ends.

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