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Scene 1
Gauri sits with Chanda and says you will call Amrita and Rajeev as your parents from now on, you want to fulfill your dreams right? Your life will change now, Amrita loves you a lot and we have told them everything about ourselves to them and they still want to adopt you, we will stay here with you but the only difference is you will live with Tara and call them parents from now on. All our lives will be settled so do you accept? Chanda says no. Gopal looks away and cries. Gauri glares at Chanda. Chanda shouts to stay away, she starts knitting a sweater, Gopal says the needle will prick you. Amrita comes there and says don’t do it. Chanda pricks herself so Gopal gets worried. Chanda tells Gauri to not be miffed with her. Amrita says no one is separating you from your parents but you will get a new family. Chanda hugs Gauri and says I don’t need a new family. Gauri thinks Amrita might change her decision because of her tears. She shouts at Chanda to stop this drama. Chanda asks Gopal if she did something wrong? why is he asking her to go away from him? Gopal cries and packs her clothes. He asks her to go with Amrita. Chanda cries and runs from there. Amrita

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