Sara’s life is incomplete without these three things, actress forgot father Saif in these special moments

Sara’s fans asked her  Asked that Sara is not Sara without? That is, without what things Sara is incomplete… In such a situation, Sara’s answer came that firstly traveling, second acting and thirdly her family… Seeing Sara’s answer, the direct eyes of the fans went to her family photo in which only her brother Ibrahim Only Ali Khan and mother Amrita Singh were seen. The one who was missing in this photo was Saif Ali Khan i.e. Sara’s Abba Jaan.
Sara answered many questions of fans in her session.. Someone asked her what she liked in Sun and Moon? So he answered this question by showing the rays of the sun. At the same time, when someone asked her to post a picture with her brothers, Sara shared a picture with her three brothers Ibrahim Ali Khan, Jeh Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan, in the pictures of these three Sara was with her brothers. A special bond appeared. So there Sara also shared her favorite selfie with her fans from her gallery. After a long time, Sara played this ask me session with her fans, which was very much liked by the fans.

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