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Badimaa notices Disha crying in a living room and asks if she is not getting sleep. Disha says even she is not getting sleep. Badimaa asks how can she sleep when her children are in pain. Disha says she took loan to help Ilesh and didn’t know she will get into such a deep mess. Badimaa says she did it out of love for her family, this family has made much bigger mistakes by insulting Titli repeatedly, etc. Dadaji walks to her. She asks if he didn’t sleep yet. Dadaji says how can anyone sleep in this house after family is shattering. Badimaa says she couldn’t keep her family united and feels guilty. Dadaji says they all should try to keep the family united.

Titli lying on bed Kashyaps humiliating her and thinks whatever she tries, she cannot win their love and trust and will be doubted always. She notices Ishan also wandering in balcony and stands crying. Benaam Rishta Wo.. song plays in the background. After sometime, Ishan calls Ilesh to meet him. Ilesh meets him and asks why did he call him at midnight. Ishan offers him cheque to give it to Disha and says if Disha had informed him earlier about her loan, she wouldn’t have been in a mess. Ilesh says he is elder than him and cannot take this burden. Ishan says he badly needs his family and would feel happy if he can help Disha. Ilesh accepts cheque. Ishan express his heart out and says their family accepts everyone, but they humiliate Titli each day; he brought Titli out of one humiliation and put her in another mess, etc. He continues expressing his concern for Titli.

Ilesh smiles and says he is in love and signs Hogaya Hai Tujhko to Pyar Ishika and Rani join him and sings along. Ilesh reveals that Ishan is in Titli’s love. Ishika says she knew since long ago as Ishan’s eyes sparkle seeing Titli. Ishan shies. They all 3 insist him to propose Titli. Ishan agrees. Ishika says she and Mithi will make arrangements. Ishan walks to his room thinking he really loves Titli. Titli noticing him coming acts as asleep. Once he falls asleep, she thinks she didn’t want to his happiness and family bonding, so she will walk out of his life. She leaves a note and Daadi’s jewelry on table and thinks she needs to go so that Ishan’s family accepts him back, prays for his happiness, and thinks he should forget her like an accident. She recalls their quality moments together and thinks those were the best moments of her life, she felt so happy in 22 years for the first time. She walks near Dadaji’s room and thanks them for accepting her.

Precap: Ishan kneels down and proposes Titli.
Titli. Titli accepts his proposal.

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