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Rano demands Titli to get Ishan’s signatures on divorce papers and get out of Ishan’s life forever. Titli says she was very happy after receiving ornaments from Daada and Daadi as these are their blessings. She asks Rano to keep them if she thinks she is greedy for money and says she values love and relationships and not money.

Badimaa taunts Ishan why he looks so happy. Ishan shyingly says nothing important. Badimaa says he is smiling since Daadi gave jewelry to Titli, she can sense his thoughts since his childhood. He says then she knows what is in his mind. She says its okay if he doesn’t want to. He says he is a bit confused, Suhana didn’t visit him at a restaurant this time, he was feeling weird when Meethi insisted him to dance with Titli, he doesn’t know what is happening to him. Badimaa says he is in Titli’s love. He says he is not. She asks him to sign his mother’s brought divorce papers then. He hesitates. She says its very simple and he is not understanding it.

Rano claps on Titli and says she can understand her mind game and says she can fool everyone but not her. Ishan walks in. Rano leaves. Ishan asks why did maa come here. Titli says she was searching something. He notices divorce papers on table and recalls Badimaa’s words. Rano walks to her room frustrated and complains Alok that Daadi gifted jewelry to Titli while she herself was against Titli a few days ago, Titli has done some magic on everyone. Alok makes her sit and says divorcing Titli or not should be Ishan’s decision, Dadaji believes in keeping the family united and doesn’t differentiate between Rano and Titli.

Disha walks into Badimaa’s room to keep her dried clothes and noticing cupboard open steals bangles to repay her debt. Ilesh catches her outside Badimaa’s room. She gets afraid and asks what did he do. He says he was joking to lighten her mood. She scolds him for frightening her. He apologizes and asks her to smile. She gives a fake smile, and he leaves. She then looks at banges and keeps bangales back in cupboard, thinking she will never do anything wrong. Badimaa returns and finds her near cupboard. Disha says she had come to return her clothes and saw cupboard open. Badimaa says she forgot to lock the cupboard and asks who will steal at home.

Meethi returns home from party and excitedly describes Ishan and Titli how she enjoyed. She notices their serious mood, insists to play ludo with them, and goes to call Ishika. Titli asks Ishan if he will play with her. He challenges her and says says if he wins, she will complete her studies. She says if she wins, he will take her out. He agrees to take her at night a its dangerous for her to go out at night. She takes his promise. Meethi returns with Ishika and ludo. They both make sound while playing. Rano walks in and blames Titli for spoiling family members. Ishika asks what happened to maa today. Ishan thinks maa wants him to sign divorce papers, but did wrong by discussing with Titli about it.

Precap: Rano insists Ishan to sign divorce papers and asks if he really fell in Titli’s love.

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