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The Episode starts with Chitra lying to Aarav. She says I had called out Simar, but she didn’t hear, you go and get her, I will wait for you. He asks how shall I do, I started this journey and can’t go back, Matarani will feel bad. Chitra says you go, don’t worry, Matarani will bless you both, we will have darshan together. Aarav says you are right, its imp for me to find Simar. He goes. Chitra says go Aarav, you won’t find Simar alive.

Simar talks to Matarani by her heart. She prays and chants Jai mata di… Reema checks Sandy’s profile. She recalls Devesh. She says I will not put myself in a problem again, I have to be sure. She gets Sandy’s call. Sandy asks what do you think, you want to work with me or not. She says I m not so sure. He says we will meet once and talk. She says sure. Sandhya calls Reema. Reema says I will come. Sandy says meet me and hear my offer once, then you decide. She agrees. Devesh is with Sandy. He laughs. Sandy says my brother and hugs him.

Devesh says I know how to trap Reema, so I have made you an international director. Sandy says I will become what you say, you made my fake profile, I have a confusion, what is Reema’s story, do you want revenge on her. Devesh recalls Reema’s slap. Devesh gets angry and says I want to take revenge on Reema, her husband, Simar and Aarav also. He stabs a melon in anger. He says Oswals think I will spare them after my insult, no, I will ruin them, Reema will be my trump card. Simar and Samar sit on the dam. They talk about the water touched by Matarani’s feet. They sit leaving their feet in the water. He says I will just come. She imagines Aarav. She says I can do anything for Matarani. They play with the water. Her imagination ends.

Badimaa says you did all the arrangements well, very soon Reema will learn Oswal mansion customs. Reema smiles. Badimaa prays for Aarav. Badimaa sees Aditi going. She asks Sandhya why is Aditi staying so silent. Sandhya says she has morning sickness. Reema gets Sandy’s call. She says sorry, I will be late, there is a puja at home, I will come on half an hour. He says no problem, don’t tell anyone that you are coming to meet me, not even your husband. She asks how do you know I m married. He says you said you are an Oswal and I saw your mangalsutra. She says my husband knows about my career. He says I will explain you when we meet, remove that mangalsutra and come, we also have some terms and conditions. Devesh laughs.

Reema gets ready. She removes the mangalsutra. She says I will wear this mangalsutra when I meet Sandy and come. She calls Roma. Roma says I had come to doctor for sonography. Reema says congrats, I m in a hurry, if Vivaan calls you then tell him that I m with you, I will tell him everything when it gets final. Roma goes for the Sonography. Lalit asks doctor is it fine, it is a boy or girl. Doctor says baby gender can’t be disclosed, it’s a crime. Roma and Lalit say its wrong that people favor the boys. Lalit says I just asked in excitement, we just want our baby. Roma says baby should be healthy. Doctor says baby is healthy, don’t worry. They see the sonography reports and smile. Roma says cruel people think of aborting the baby. Aditi takes some medicines. Badimaa comes. She says its about your entire life, you will be hurt if we delay this. Aditi recalls Simar’s words. She says no Badimaa, I can’t think of this, you send me far, no one will know about this, don’t punish this baby for my mistake. She cries.

Aarav looks for Simar. Chitra calls some goons and asks them to meet soon. Simar cries. Amba comes. She says I can see your tears. Simar says I m tired. Amba says a person is troubled by past and future and forgets to live the present, you swear to start a new life, think you will get a new life in Matarani’s womb. Simar asks who taught this to you. Amba says leave your sorrow here and start a new life, I just look young, but I m not. Simar turns. Amba disappears.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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