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The Episode starts with Amba guiding Aarav and asking him to go to Vaishno temple. He says I was going to find someone. She asks him to trust her, he should go ahead to the Maa Darbar. He says I also thought that I will find Simar in the Darbar, thank you so much. He takes her blessings. Simar says I will accept the happening as Matarani wish. She leaves the ring in the water. Chitra comes there and sees Simar. She asks goons to go after Simar and push her down the mountains whenever they get a chance, it should appear as an accident. They go.

Gajender undergoes tests. He tells about the Sankranti day. Doctor says good, tell us when Simar and Aarav got married in the temple. Gajender says we were against the marriage, Aarav knew that Simar will prove out to be the best bahu and the best daughter, so he married Simar by going against the family, right Maa. Badimaa says yes, I remember that day well. Doctor says okay, tell us your business strategy. Gajender says I have a strategy, I have thought that…. He feels stressed and holds his hand. Doctor asks him to relax, its not an imp thing. Badimaa asks Gajender not to worry about the business, Vivaan will handle it. Doctor asks them to come out. Badimaa asks Sandhya to be with Gajender. She asks what happened to Gajender. Doctor says he got his memory but his mind can’t take stress, keep him away from office work. Badimaa thanks him. She says I trust you Vivaan and I m proud of you, you can handle it alone. Vivaan says yes. He calls Reema. Reema comes to some hotel. She gets Vivaan’s call. He asks about some cheques kept ready. She says yes, I have filed the cheques, don’t worry. He says good. She says Roma is calling me, I will call you later, bye, love you. She sees Sandy and waves to him. he smiles.

Aarav goes to wash his face in the lake water. He gets Simar’s ring. He says Amba said right, I will find Simar in the darbar. He shouts Simar. Simar says it was Aarav’s voice right. Samar asks her to come. She says how can Aarav come here. Sandy compliments Reema. He signs Devesh. He says you made me wait a lot. Reema asks why did you ask me to hide this from family and not wear mangalsutra, I find it strange. Sandy says married girls don’t do well in our industry, we will not tell anyone that you are married. She says okay, I understand, I won’t share this with my family, is the problem solved now. He says problem isn’t this, creatives got crazy for you, your eyes, hair and skin tone are perfect. Reema asks what is the problem them. Devesh says I will defame you all. Sandy says music album producer is calling me many times. He gets Devesh’s call. Devesh acts and talks to Reema.

He fools Reema. Sandy says but I called Reema here personally for the music album. Devesh says this time, its not working out, we will do the next project. Sandy says sorry Reema, I can’t help you in this case, if you had got this project, then it would have been the golden chance. Reema thinks its double trouble, maybe I have to invest money in the music video. Simar and Samar visit a temple. She sings a bhajan. Aarav hears her and says its Simar’s voice. He runs to her. The goons corner Simar to push her down the cliff. Chitra looks on. She says just a push and Simar will be dead.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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