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The Episode starts with Badimaa happy with the fact that her sons and grand sons are handling the business. Reema says if the opposite thing happens. Simar tries to say. Badimaa says let Reema express what she wants. Reema says the household work is not my cup of tea and says she wants to do out and work. Badimaa says modeling? Vivaan says I will talk to Reema. Badimaa says I want to hear from Reema, let her speak. Reema says it is my dream which I want to pursue. Simar says even I want to be connected with the music and wants to open a music school for under privilege children. Badimaa says thought is good, I will think about it. Sandhya says even bahus shall have the right to fulfill their dream. Chitra says 1 min. Giriraj asks how she is speaking to Maa? Chitra says Maa said that we can talk. She says I left my career as you wanted, and now when we have become saas, we want to enjoy our life. She says but bahus wants to go out and work. She says every bahu has given heir to the family, and when I have become saas, I wish to see my grand son’s face. She says she wants to play with Vivaan and Reema’s baby. Vivaan gets shy. Reema gets shocked. Badimaa says this thing shall be thought about. She says today’s girls can balance between work and house, and says we have a joint family, and if Simar and Reema want to go out and work, then I have no objection. Chitra says let me take decision of Reema, like you used to take. She says today is mother in law’s day and asks them to give a grand son. Vivaan smiles. Chitra thinks this baby will be elder than Aarav and Simar’s baby and will be the heir of Oswal group. She says I have to become Dadi before Sandhya. Badimaa tells Reema that the demand is legal and asks her to think about it. Reema goes from there. Aarav signs Vivaan to go. Vivaan goes. Badimaa asks Sandhya, what is her suggestion about Aarav and Simar’s baby. Sandhya says it is their private decision, I can just advice and not order.

Gajendra tells about the puja. Simar says Pandit ji will come at 4 am. Reema thinks I won’t let Mummy ji win. Reema checks her tummy and thinks I will end my modeling career due to baby. Vivaan says Reema will learn to change diaper. Reema says it is not funny and says your mummy ordered me to become mother. She says Badimaa might agree about my career, but your mother interfered. She says she has a big mission behind it, she don’t want me to fulfill my career. Vivaan says she wants us to plan family, then you can do modeling. Reema says you know well that Modelling is my passion and dream and I can’t be happy. Vivaan gets tensed. He sees Chitra standing and hearing them. He says I need to talk to you.

Simar talks to Maharaj ji and Pandit ji. She asks Pandit ji to start the puja. She asks Sandhya if she needs anything. Sandhya says I want, but it is wish of you both. Simar says there is time for it. Sandhya sys no pressure at all, and asks her to pursue her dream first.

Gagan sanitizes the dining table and covers plastic on it. Roma comes there and sits eating something. Gagan asks did you wash your hands, and says baby is also having it, and tells that germs might go in. Roma acts chest pain. He asks shall I call doctor. Roma says no. Aditi comes there, wrapping plastic cover on her tummy and asks if it is safe. Indu comes there and tells that there is a havan at home. Gagan says there will be smoke. Indu says Simar will take care of everything.

Chitra tries to make Vivaan understand about the baby. Giriraj asks Vivaan to sit with Reema and talk. Aarav comes to Simar and does poetry to praise her.

Precap: Some kids come running inside Oswal Mansion. Simar asks who are you all? Kavya says she has brought them for learning music. Badimaa tells that Simar will open a school for them. Reema looks on. Simar is happy.

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