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The Episode starts with Vivaan hitting the ball. It is about to hit Simar, but Aarav holds it. Badimaa asks Vivaan to play carefully. Vivaan says don’t know how the ball swing. Sandhya and Chitra ask if it was their strategy to win. Simar asks Aarav not to drag the issue. Labuni comes to Geet’s room and stares at her. Simar comes inside the house and gets pushed. She finds it strange and senses something in the house. She sees the diya flickering and comes to hold it. She thinks the diya is less in it and adds ghee in the diya. The baby starts crying seeing Labuni. Simar drops the ghee can hearing her crying and turns to go, when she falls down stepping on it. The baby cries. Simar comes running to Geet and takes her in her hands. She says your Badimaa will not leave you. She calls Sheila. Sheila tells that she had gone to washroom. Labuni is still in the room. Simar takes the baby outside. Badimaa tells that girls’ team are batting now. Two girls are out. Sandhya and Chitra are out of game. Gajendra asks them not to feel bad. Giriraj asks them to have sportsman spirit. Simar comes out and gives baby to Aditi, who is just out of the game. Badimaa tells that Simar has gone to play now. Sandhya says go Simar go, win it. Reema says come on Simar. Aarav gives bat to Simar. Simar and Reema are batting. They bat. Badimaa tells that girl’s team need 7 runs to win. Reema hits the ball. Vivaan is about to catch, when Reema calls Vivaan and winks her eye at him. he looks at her and doesn’t catch the ball. Aarav throws the ball. It is about to hit Simar. Simar moves to safety. badimaa asks Aarav to be careful. Aarav says game is game. Gajendra asks him to be careful. Aarav says I didn’t throw the ball with force.

Simar looks at her room’s window. Reema tells Badimaa that Aarav will throw the ball with force. Aarav throws the ball. Simar says Jai Maa Durga and hits the ball. They get sixer. They enjoy and dance their victory, leaving the baby in the cradle. Aarav says Simar, you are the best. Simar says say that girls are the best. Vivaan says no way. Reema asks him to show sportsmanship and say that they have won. They argue. Badimaa says it is a game, and the winners are Oswals. They dance. Labuni steals the baby and takes away from there. Aditi comes to the cradle and finds Geet missing. She shouts calling everyone. Gajendra asks Servants to close the main gate. Chitra asks if she is sure that she had kept her in the cradle. Aditi says yes.

Reyansh, Simar and Chitra try to calm down Aditi. Aditi cries for her daughter. Vivaan comes back and tells that she couldn’t be found. Reema brings the CCTV footage. They find the footage missing. Vivaan tells that Simar has hit the 6 shot on the camera and that’s why it couldn’t be recorded. Aditi cries. She hugs Sandhya. Sandhya says nothing will happen to Geet. Aditi says I will die without Geet. Simar says if something had happened then we would have got called for ransom. She picks the call and says hello. She gets shocked and drops the phone on the ground.

Precap: Badimaa tells Simar that the lady has come with her. Simar goes to her. The lady in veil is Labuni. Simar looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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