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The Episode starts with Mayakshi telling Chaaya that she knows everything that she has made her home in Reema’s body. Chaaya recalls getting in Reema’s body when the latter fainted when Damini attacked Rudra. Chaaya accepts to be in Reema’s body. She says I got this life and body, and will not leave it, says she got this love, care and family after 100 years and don’t want to lose it. Mayakshi says if Bhaiyya comes to know then? Chaaya says I was Rudra’s slave for 100 years and asks her to let her live this life. Mayakshi says if Reema gets alive in her body then? Chaaya comes out of Reema’s body and the latter falls down unconscious. Chaaya closes the door and requests Mayakshi to let her enjoy the marital bliss with Vivaan, and says she has felt all the happiness here, and tells that Simar had risked her life for her sister, and Vivaan took stand for Reema and threatened to leave the house. She says the way Vivaan loves Reema, Rudra never loved me. She says getting the love caged is not love, and tells that love is freedom which Vivaan does with Reema. She says let me live this life. Mayakshi says you have to do something for me, I will make Rudra bhaiyya understand and will handle his anger. She asks her to kill Simar to return her favor. Chaaya is shocked. Mayakshi asks why are you shocked and says when Simar comes to know that you are Chaaya and not Reema, then she will not leave you. She says Simar is very clever and she was not scared to fight with Rudra, so will not get afraid of you. Simar calls Reema.

Mayakshi asks Chaaya to kill Reema, else her death will happen soon. Simar asks Reema to open the door. Chaaya looks at Reema’s body. Simar comes inside the room and sees Reema sitting on the sofa. She asks her to take aarti. Reema takes aarti. Simar says your body is heating, you have fever, why you didn’t tell. Reema hugs her. Simar asks what happened to you. Chaaya is standing outside and thinks I will not leave Reema’s body again and says this is the last time that you both are hugging. She says I will not leave Reema’s body. Reema tells Simar that she is feeling strange and her mind is not working. Simar asks her to sit with everyone, and says she will call doctor. Chaaya enters Reema. Simar checks the medicine strips sitting there. Chaaya picks the knife from the fruit basket and is about to attack Simar. Aarav comes there and shouts Reema. Chaaya stops. Aarav asks Reema, what is she doing, if she is out of her mind. Reema says Rudra has come, and tells that he was staring at her and then Simar. She says she picked the knife to protect Simar and asks them to believe. Simar says you are in trauma and asks her not to worry, says nothing will happen to you. She says you are with me. Chaaya hugs her and looks evilly.

Aarav comes to the room and says if someone is packing the clothes again and again, then there can be two things, the person is free or he/she must be in love. He says he knows that she is tensed about Reema, she has bear so much. He says very soon she will be fine, and tells that he has treatment for his wife’s smile. He shows Mata Rani’s locket and chain. Simar gets happy and says nothing could be good than this. He makes her wear it. Aarav says mata rani, be with your real and truthful devotee.

Later in the night, Chitra comes to the isolated plate and asks if anyone is here. Mayakshi comes there. Chitra looks at her. She asks why did you call me here? Mayakshi says you questions a lot. Chitra says you force us to do things, asked Reyansh to accept Kavya, to let Reema stay in the house. She says you are trying to ruin my sons’ future, but I will not let this happen. She says our deal was cancelled, I can’t bear to see Reema there, you had said that you will throw Reema out. Mayakshi says my heart is changed. She says I am making you do our work and you shall do the work as I want. Chitra laughs and says lets see, who makes whom do the work. Mayakshi smiles and kisses her ring. Chitra sits in her car. All the doors of the cars open suddenly and the car doesn’t start. Mayakshi smiles. Chitra tries to close the door and gets down to close it. Mayakshi says nothing will happen, and says nothing can happen without my wish. Reyansh asks Servant about his Mom. Servant says he didn’t see. Reyansh thinks where Mom could go at this time.

Chaaya comes to the kitchen and starts having food fast. Simar calls her. Chaaya turns and looks at Simar and Sandhya standing. She thinks if I am ghost or this Simar. Simar thinks what happened to di, her behavior is strange, I have to do something.

Precap will be added later.

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