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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking Simar what happened suddenly, that she is saying that Masumi shall not be here. Simar says she doesn’t have lines on her hands. Masumi tells Gunjan that they will throw her out of the house. Gunjan says it will happen and tells that they will fulfilled the promise made to maa. Simar tells that lines were not on her hands and she said that she will snatched her destiny. She asks them to come and see. Gunjan asks them not to be scared and says your sister is with you. They go to Masumi’s room and sees her sitting on the floor scared. Gajendra asks Badimaa to see her condition, and says she looks at the wall with whom we came to ask questions. He says what she will snatch from everyone. Simar asks Masumi to show her hands to Papa. Gunjan asks Masumi not to show her hands to anyone. Masumi refuses. Gajendra says Simar is having a misunderstanding and asks her to show. Aditi asks her to show her hands. Aarav says she is nothing to us. Gunjan and Masumi close their eyes. Masumi shows her hands. Simar asks everyone to see. Chitra says she has lines on her eyes. Simar is shocked. Masumi looks angrily at Simar. Gajendra says I told already, that this girl can’t harm anyone, and says don’t know why we are troubling her. He says sorry to Masumi and says you are questioned always, though you didn’t do any mistake. Aditi says it is our mistake and goes. Gajendra asks them to leave him alone with her. Chitra says new episode started. Simar thinks how this can happen, there was no lines on her hands. Gunjan smiles. Aarav takes Simar from there. Gunjan smiles and looks at Masumi.

Badimaa asks Simar to be peaceful and tells that something we assume things, you didn’t get rest and I have given a big responsibility to you. Simar says I have seen her blank palms.

Aarav makes Simar drink water and asks her not to think much, as it is not her mistake. Gajendra comes there and says it is just my mistake. He requests them to punish him, but leave that girl. He tells Simar that just as Aditi is my daughter, you are my daughter, like wise Masumi is my daughter too. He says I can’t let anything happen to Masumi. Badimaa says nothing will happen and tells that the girl has to leave in the morning. She says she will send her to the safe and beneficial place. She says she will get her admitted to a mental asylum and then when she gets fine, she will stay in a house where she will not have any problems. Simar tells Gajendra that this is right thing for Masumi, when she gets fine, she will think about herself.

Masumi tells Gunjan that she don’t want to go to mental asylum. Gunjan asks her not to worry and says till now your sister has taken care of you, I will not let any injustice happen with you. She says that Simar is not your friend, but thorn of our way.Masumi says Simar is not good and is a thorn on their way. Gunjan says do as I say.

Later in the night, Simar is worried. Aarav asks why you are worried. Simar says trouble is going to come on our family. Simar says how can lines appear on her hands. Aarav says that girl went from here tomorrow. He says he is happy, as Maa got some peace, and thanks her. Simar prays to Mata Rani that the night shall pass peacefully without harming her family.

Gunjan and Masumi are standing in Aditi’s room. Gunjan signs Masumi. Aditi is sleeping. Masumi sits on the bed. Gunjan says you didn’t do right by slapping my sister, and says now see my sister’s hands. She says time has come to change the destiny and the lines on the hands. Aditi wakes up. Masumi hides. Aditi looks at her baby and sleeps. Gunjan says this is my mother, sister and family lines on your hand. She says today you will get Masumi and tells that you will get everyone’s love and support, which is yours. Masumi asks if you are saying truth. Gunjan asks did I ever lie? They close their eyes. The evil spirit of Gunjan makes Aditi’s lines printed on Masumi’s hands with her evil powers. Masumi gets all her lines and smiles. Aditi feels pain and wakes up shouting. She looks at her empty hands and sees Masumi on the bed. She tries to go, but Masumi and Gunjan hold her hands. Aditi feels the evil spirit. She asks her to leave her, else she will call everyone. Masumi says I have snatched everything from you, your voice can’t be heard by anyone. Everyone comes there, and knock on Aditi’s room asking her to open the door. Masumi and Gunjan tell each other that they don’t need to fear now. Aditi says what you are saying. Everyone asks if you are fine. Aarav says we will break the door. They break the door and get inside. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Simar and Reema see Masumi dressed up as Aditi and taking baby from Badimaa. Everyone related to Aditi by blood, gets hypnotized by Gunjan and Masumi. Simar sees Aditi behaving strangely and tells Reema that they shall take help from someone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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