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The Episode starts with Reema talking to Riya and asking about Suhani. Riya says Suhani told me about Simar and you, Suhani and Ranveer are missing. Reema asks what, how. Riya says they are not reachable, don’t know what happened, I m very worried. Reema asks her not to cry, Suhani is a pure soul, Matarani never does wrong with good souls, inform me when you know about them. Riya agrees. Kanjal puja is done at Simar’s house. Aarav and Simar serve the good to the girls. Everyone comes to serve. Aarav says Simar, your smile is like a newly wedded bride, I promise, I won’t let you lose this smile.

Dhami comes. Simar says you have understood me and accepted the traditions, you look good. Dhami says thanks to you Simar. Simar says you are looking so pretty, no one can refuse you today. Dhami asks Aarav to say, yes or no, will any guy say yes or no to her. Aarav makes an excuse and goes. Simar says you really look good. Dhami says thanks, I m sorry, I came more close to my love because of you. Avinash says I m lucky, my three sons in laws are not lesser than sons, and I m getting a bahu like a daughter. Indu smiles. Vivaan congratulates Aarav. Aarav asks him what will he tell his children, that he ran away to marry Reema, you also marry Reema. Vivaan says yes, I will talk to Reema, where is she. Aarav says all the best.

Reema goes to meet Sandy. She says this is my princess look, don’t I look unmarried now. He says you are officially married. She says we know it, lie to the producer, no one would know, this is your cheque, is everything fine now. He nods and says you have to do something, like… She stops him and asks what are you doing. He says I was removing the mangalsutra, producer Sir has come. She removes the mangalsutra and hides it. A man comes. Sandy introduces him as Garry, he is the king of music industry. He says I forgot to say, she is my GF also. Reema gets shocked.

Garry says wow, that’s great news, you both look good together. Sandy says we are planning to move in soon. Garry says you are very lucky. Reema gets angry. Vivaan is upset. Aarav asks what happened, something is bothering you. Vivaan says I don’t understand, dad is in jail, mum is in shock, Reema is not here, I feel lonely. Simar says we all are here. He says why isn’t Reema here. Garry says nice to meet you, take care. He leaves.

Reema scolds Sandy. He says you asked me to handle the matter, you want the music video, I don’t want it, go and tell the producer that you trapped a rich guy and married him, I know how you got the cheque, we both are lying, its better that we work together, otherwise forget it. She stops him. Sandy says producer can come to my place for dinner, you have to stay there with me to show that you are my GF, it is your wish. She asks can’t we keep lunch, avoid the dinner. She worries.

Sandhya says Aarav will come with me to Oswal mansion, Simar will stay in Maayka till the marriage. Aarav asks why. Sandhya says I want Simar to get a grand welcome with all the rituals. Simar says my clothes… Sandhya says I will send the suitcase. Vivaan says its good I didn’t decide to marry. Aarav says she is already my wife. Sandhya says you didn’t understand my logic. Dhami reminds the rituals. Sandhya thanks her. Dhami says Simar follows the rituals, so things should be traditional. Aarav asks Simar why didn’t she support him, she didn’t think about your room. Simar smiles. Roma comes and asks him to come from doors now, not windows. Gagan also comes to tease them. Gagan says they have nothing to talk, come. Sandhya says we will go now. Indu says so soon. Sandhya says yes.

Roma says two marriages are happening at home, this is cheating. Simar says your baby will make you dance soon. Roma says now I feel really happy seeing you all smile. They hug. Dhami laughs and says now Aarav will be with me, I will give shocks to Simar, that she can’t even think of, poor little girl, I pity you. She laughs. She says you like to give lectures, your happy life will get such shocks. She touches Aarav’s pic and smiles. She dances in his room.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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