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The Episode starts with Simar thanking Vaishnodevi for giving her a Darshan. Aarav is on the way. He recalls his words to Simar. He says I will meet you and apologize. He comes to Yamini’s house. Guard says no one is here. Aarav leaves and says Simar might have gone to her home, I m coming Simar to apologize to you, no, it won’t be right to go there right now, but what to do, I will call Gagan. Gagan answers. Aarav asks is Simar there. Gagan asks is everything fine. Aarav says I know you are not the real culprit, you got accused by my family, I know you didn’t shoot the bullet, please forgive us. Gagan says don’t apologize, please, I have a request, we can forget all this and move on, apologize to Simar, she has taken all the blame on her head. Aarav says I know, I want to meet her and apologize, but her phone isn’t reachable. Gagan says she isn’t here. Aarav says please drop my message to her if you talk to her. He ends call and says where did she go.

Chitra says Simar shouldn’t come back home. Giriraj says yes, I can lie and fight this case, I can fool everyone until Simar reaches the court, I don’t want to get jailed. Aarav says I want to apologize to you, please talk to me once, come back please. Simar is praying. She recalls Aarav’s words. She says I want to go to Vaishnodevi with you, will you take me there. He says yes, why not, pray that I also get a call. FB ends. Aarav stops the car. He sees the police arriving home. Giriraj says police has come to arrest me. Chitra asks him to calm down. She asks him to deny all the blames, say that Gajender isn’t mentally fine. Badimaa shouts Giriraj. Aarav enters the house to see. Badimaa cries. Chitra gets Giriraj to everyone. Badimaa slaps Giriraj. Everyone gets shocked.

She shouts on Giriraj and says you tried to kill your brother. Everyone looks on shocked. Chitra tries to say. Badimaa asks Chitra to stay quiet. Gajender asks how did you do such a disgusting thing, you hate me so much that you shot me. Aarav gets angry. He says you attacked dad. He recalls Simar’s words. He says Simar told me but I couldn’t imagine that its you, you have to tell the truth today, why did you do this, tell me. Giriraj asks what happened to you all. He starts acting and says I can’t shoot my brother who is like Ram, Gajender isn’t in senses, he will get more ill, I m worried, but Aarav is in senses, did Aarav forget how to talk to elders. Sandhya and Chitra argue.

Chitra says Giriraj worships Gajender. Vivaan says enough, I m ashamed to be your son. Reema holds him. Sandhya says you both were after Aarav first and then Gajender. Giriraj asks Badimaa to believe him. He says ask the police to leave. She asks Inspector to arrest Giriraj. Inspector takes Giriraj. Giriraj says you are doing wrong. Chitra runs after him. Badimaa cries. Chitra says I will do something, don’t worry. Giriraj says Simar shouldn’t return home, else we both will not get saved. Aarav says the culprit will get punished. Sandhya says my Simar is this house protector, her Sasural needs her a lot so that the culprits get punished, get her. Badimaa says get Oswal family elder bahu home, call her. Everyone smiles.

Simar meets Samar. He asks will you have tea, how did you like my idea of bringing you here She says no one gets anyone here, one who gets Maa’s call comes here. Aarav says how will I find Simar. Vivaan cries. Aarav hugs him and asks him not to cry. Vivaan says I didn’t know about this, please don’t hate me. They hug. Badimaa looks on.

The Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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