Sawan 2022: Know why it is necessary to chant the mantra ‘Namah Shivaya’ in the month of Shravan? After all, why are the five letters of Shiva worship considered so important?

Importance of Om Namah Shivay Mantra: Five letters of worship of Lord Shiva are mentioned in the scriptures. Namah Shivaya has five letters Na, Ma, Shi, Va and Ya. Lord Shiva is considered to be the creator of the universe. Creation is made up of five elements earth, sky, water, fire and air and each letter has its own meaning and significance. These five elements of the universe can be controlled by the Panchakshara mantra of Shiva. Let’s know the secret of these five letters in this way-

Know ‘no’ Meaning of the letter It means- It means from Nagendra i.e. the one who wears serpents. No means to remain pure continuously. That is, my salutations to Lord Shiva, who wears serpents around his neck and is always pure. By using this letter, a person remains safe in the ten directions. At the same time, it gives fearlessness.

Know ‘M’ Meaning of the letter >Means- The second meaning of this letter is ‘Shiv Mahakal’ The meaning of this letter is also from Mahakal and Mahadev. This letter was used because of controlling rivers, mountains and flowers. Because ‘m’ The power of nature exists within the alphabet.

Know ‘sh’ Meaning of the letter Karai Namah Shivayah॥
It means- Shiva has been explained in this verse. It means holding of Shakti by Shiva. This is the most auspicious letter. This letter brings immense happiness and peace in life. Along with Shiva, one also gets the grace of Shakti.

Know ‘and’ Meaning of the letter Karai Namah Shivaya
It means-‘va’ The letter is related to the Trinetra of Shiva’s head. This letter tells the fierce form of Shiva. Shiva controls this universe through this eye. Planets and constellations can be controlled using this letter.

Know ‘Y’ Meaning of the letter Karai Namah Shivayah
It means- Lord Shiva is the beginning and the infinite. Shiva was there even when there was no creation, when there is creation then there is still Shiva and when there is no creation, Shiva will still exist. This is the letter of perfection. This letter tells that Shiva is the only name in the world. When you say ya in namah shivaya it means lord shiva you get the grace of shiva.

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