Sawan 2022: Offer the root of this tree to Shiva in Sawan, Mahalakshmi will be happy, stores will be full of wealth

Sawan 2022 Belpatra: Sawan will end on 12 August 2022. The fourth Monday of Sawan is on 8 August 2022. In worship on all Mondays of Sawan, devotees of Shiva definitely offer Bel leaves to please Bholenath. Belpatra is very dear to Shiva. According to religious beliefs, by offering Belpatra on Shivling on Monday of the month of Sawan, the fruit equal to one crore Kanyadan is obtained. In Shiva Purana also, the importance of Belpatra tree has been told to get the blessings of Bholenath. Just as in the scriptures the importance of Bel leaves and Bel leaves have been described in the worship of Mahadev, similarly the root of Bel leaves also has special importance. There are only a few days left for the end of Sawan, in such a situation, it is an auspicious opportunity to get the benefits of the root of Belpatra. Let’s know the characteristics of Belpatra tree.

 Importance of Belpatra Root in Sawan:

  • , there is no poverty to donate ghee, food or sweets to a needy or a devotee of Shiva near the Belpatra tree. Don’t have to go through financial crisis.

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