Scientist claims that this herd of sheep is roaming round and round for the last 12 days

Sheep Mystery solved: You must have heard about sheep trick. Many of you must have seen the trick of sheep. But you have rarely seen and heard such sheep tricks. A video is going viral very fast on social media. The video is being told of China’s Inner Mongolia. It is seen in this video that a herd of sheep is continuously going round and round. The interesting thing is that these sheep have been roaming like this for the last 12 days. After watching this video people are making various claims but now a scientist has given his opinion on it. 

Matt Bell, a professor and director of the Department of Agriculture at Hartpury University in Gloucester, England, has said that seeing this attitude of sheep, it may be that these sheep have been in captivity for a long time. Due to this, stereotype behavior has been ingrained in them. Being in captivity and confined, they may have got used to walking like this or they may have started walking due to despair, which is not right. He claimed that first some sheep would have started going round and round, then more animals would have come. 

Strange behavior became the subject of discussion 

First this video was published by ‘People’s Daily China’ Shared on his official Twitter account. After this this video became a matter of surprise for everyone. The caption of the video shared on Twitter was – The Great Sheep Mystery! Hundreds of sheep walk in a circle for more than 10 days in Inner Mongolia, northern China. The sheep are healthy and the cause of the strange behavior is still a mystery. 

The great sheep mystery! Hundreds of sheep walk in a circle for over 10 days in N China’s Inner Mongolia. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the strange behavior is still a mystery.

— People’s Daily, China (@PDChina) November 16, 2022


Claims also made regarding illness 

Earlier reports claimed that a bacterial disease called listeriosis causes animals to behave like this. The disease is usually associated with poor feeding of sheep and affects the animal’s brain. This causes brain swelling and disorientation. 

After which different types of reactions started coming from the social media users. In this, some users are seeing it by linking it with the apprehension of something untoward. And some users are calling it a disease to animals. 

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