Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Shares Heart Touching Story, You Also Know

Shah Rukh Khan Fan Story: Shah Rukh Khan is not just called the King Khan of Bollywood. For years he has been in the film‍M Indus‍Tree. Hardly anyone has as much fan-following as him. Along with the payoff, he has also managed to make his place in the hearts of the people with his selfish nature. There are examples of this from time to time. Recently, a coolmate of Shahrukh has shared a very love story about him, which has once again exposed his generosity. Let’s tell the whole story Tory. 

Extremely interesting‍I have a meeting with the fan’s father 

Rohan Mukherjee on Twitter The person‍s has shared the incident regarding the meeting of Shahrukh Khan with his father. According to Rohan, he and Shahrukh studied in the same school. In the tweet, Rohan said, ‘’My father met Shahrukh Khan at a wedding and told him that my son studied in the same school as you. On this Shahrukh said that then we should take a sale fee. On this my father said that I do not know how to take selfie, then Shahrukh said, I do not know anything.’’ 

My dad just told me he met @iamsrk at a wedding and said my son went to the same school as you (true), and SRK said that’s great we should take a selfie, and my dad said I don’t know how, and SRK said don’t worry I got this. I found this out today, THREE YEARS LATER.

— Rohan Mukherjee (@rohan_mukh) June 16, 2022

People are praising Shahrukh Khan a lot

Rohan has also shared that cell‍fee with this tweet. This incident happened three years ago. Rohan further wrote in the tweet, ‘’A friend of mine said that this is your biggest achievement. I agree with this.‘’ On this tweet of Rohan, people are openly praising Shahrukh. Talking about the work front of Shahrukh Khan, he was missing from the screen for a long time, but now he is preparing to make a comeback with three films. Recently in the film‍M ‘Jawan’ The first look teaser of it was released, which fans liked a lot.

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