Shahi Imam Bukhari’s anger on sloganeering in Jama Masjid, said – will not be tolerated

Prophet Muhammad Row: After Friday prayers at Jama Masjid in Delhi, some people inside the mosque tried to raise slogans, after which Shahi Imam Bukhari (Shahi Imam Bukhari) clearly said that it will not be tolerated. According to the information, Shahi Imam Bukhari said that, "This is wrong, no person should do such a thing, it will be out of tolerance. People of the area want peace, any kind of sloganeering will not be tolerated. He said that Jama Masjid should be vacated as soon as possible. "We are not aware at the moment, what happened inside the mosque and the announcement made by Imam Saheb, I am taking information about this matter. At present, peace and order is maintained inside and outside the mosque. In Sambhal also, SP MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq had appealed to the Muslim community regarding Friday prayers. He appealed to the Muslims through social media to keep the market open and maintain peace.

On the initiative of the police administration, the SP MP appealed to the Muslim society and the public. It is that today, during the Friday prayers, keep your shops open and after the prayers, everyone should go to their homes. He also said in his appeal, "Thank God that there is peace in our city."

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