Shani Dev: Even Mahadev could not escape from Shani’s curved vision, had to take the form of an elephant.

Shani Dev: Sun son Shani Dev (Shani Dev) is considered to be justice and magistrate. Shani Dev does justice by being impartial. He gives fruits to the people according to the deeds. According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva is considered to be the guru of Shani Dev. According to the religious legend, the title of judge has been conferred on Shani Dev by Lord Shiva, the guru of Shani Dev. Humans, demons, animals, even gods and goddesses are not able to escape from the sight of slow moving Shani Dev. Even his guru, Lord Shiva of the gods, had to face the wrath of Shani once. What was the reason for this, let’s know this story-

When Shani’s retrograde sight fell on Shiva ji

Shiva took the form of an elephant to escape the wrath of Saturn

Mahadev also had to face the wrath of Shani Dev

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