Shani Dev: Sagittarius is going to get freedom from this state of Saturn after seven and a half years, two other zodiac signs will also get relief

Shani Dev : The zodiac of Saturn is going to change. Saturn is changing zodiac in April. At present, Saturn is transiting in Capricorn. Saturn will now move out of Capricorn and enter Aquarius. Let us know when Saturn is going to change the zodiac.

Saturn Transit 2022 (Saturn Transit 2022)
According to the Panchang, Saturn will transit in Aquarius on 29th April 2022 at 09:57 am. For almost two and a half years, Saturn is transiting in Capricorn. This change of Saturn will affect all the zodiac signs. But it is going to be special for these three zodiac signs.

Sagittarius people will get freedom from Sade Sati after seven and a half years
This zodiac change of Saturn is going to be special for Sagittarius people. As soon as Saturn enters Aquarius, the people of Sagittarius will get freedom from Shani Sade Sati. The special thing is that after seven and a half years on Sagittarius, this dasha of Saturn is going to end. After a long time, people of this zodiac are going to get a big relief. Due to the change of Saturn’s zodiac sign, the obstacles in the work related to money, health, job, education etc. will be removed for the people of Sagittarius.

Saturn is going to give relief to the people of Gemini and Libra. You will get relief from the troubles which you were battling for the last two and a half years. Money will be there and income will increase. With this the business will increase. There will be a situation of promotion in the job.

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