Shaniwar Puja: These mistakes are not repeated in Shani Puja, due to which you are not getting the boon of asking for your mouth.

Shaniwar Puja: Shani Dev is the son of Lord Surya and Mother Chhaya. He has got the blessings of the god of justice from Adi Dev Shankar. It provides fruits to the people according to the fruits of their actions. Shani Dev is very simple in nature but angry in behavior. Due to the slow movement of Shani Dev, it takes two and a half years to enter from one zodiac to another. The life of a person is adversely affected due to the half-century and mahadasha of Shani. To avoid this, people should worship Shani Dev on Saturday. Some special things should be kept in mind while worshiping Shani Dev. Shani Dev gets angry on making mistakes, and the person does not get proper benefit of worship.

Shani worship in don’t do ye < strong>mistakes

  1. No object of red color should be used in the worship of Shani Dev. Due to this Shani Dev gets angry. And when the shadow of Saturn falls, the life of a person becomes painful. Shani Dev considers both Sun and Mars as his enemies. Therefore, any material of red color should not be used in the worship of Shani on Saturday.
  2. While worshiping Shani Dev, one should not look towards the eyes of Shani. By this their evil eye can be avoided. Because the evil vision of Shani Dev becomes a hindrance in the progress of our life. Therefore, one should look towards Shani’s feet at the time of worship.
  3. Black and blue colors are very dear to Shani Dev. Therefore, except this color, Shani Dev should not be worshiped on Saturday with any other color. Red, yellow and white flowers should not be offered to them. White sesame, rice should not be offered to them.
  4. While worshiping Lord Shani, your face should be towards the west. Shani Dev should not be worshiped facing in any other direction, due to this Shani Dev gets angry. Should be done only after.
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