Shardiya Navratri 2022: Make up of Mother Rani in this way in Shardiya Navratri, you will get the boon of unbroken good fortune

Shardiya Navratri: Very soon Navratri 2022 is going to start and with this will the arrival of Maa Ambe. During this, all the devotees of Mata Rani do not want to leave any stone unturned in their service. From the food and drink of the mother to her makeup, special care is taken. In this way, during Navratri, everyone is immersed in the color of devotion to the mother of the world.
mother’s favorite red couple 
Although Mother Goddess looks very beautiful in every color sari and she likes every color, but it is believed that the red color is very dear to Mother Rani. In such a situation, the red pair must be presented to the mother. If you are not able to buy red pair then red chunri can also be offered to them. 
anklets and nettles 
Mother’s makeup with anklets and beech is considered very good. In such a situation, during the makeup of the mother, she must wear anklets. It is not necessary that you should offer only silver anklets to Maiyya. You can also wear artificial anklets lovingly to Mata Rani. Along with this, be sure to also offer beech. Along with this, you can also apply salt on the feet
red-red bangles 
Red bangles are considered a symbol of honeymoon. In such a situation, give red bangles to the mother. At the same time, it is also considered auspicious for married women to wear red bangles during Navratri. 
make up with earrings and bindi 
While adorning Mata Rani, definitely decorate her with earrings and bindi. Along with this, definitely decorate the mother’s mang tika on the forehead. 
The smell of Gajra also attracts
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