Shift Work Side Effects: Sometimes night and sometimes day shift, so be careful! Are you in the grip of these diseases?

Work Side Effects: Usually the day time is fixed for work and night time is fixed to sleep peacefully and to give rest to the body after the tiredness of the day. However, in today’s time people work in different fields. Working in every field has some advantages and some disadvantages too. Such as doctors, nurses, drivers, air traffic controllers and most people in multinational companies do shift work.
Nowadays women also have different shifts. For such people, both day and night become equal, because sometimes they have to work in night shift and sometimes in morning shift. Working in shifts in this way is considered very harmful for your health, due to which you can have many health related problems.
sleep cycle
people become obese
The risk of developing diabetes increases. It is caused by high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol. According to a study, shift work can reduce glucose tolerance and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.
The health of the heart will be affected

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