Shilpa Murder: Hemant used to search for ways to cheat on Google, video of girlfriend’s murder went viral

Jabalpur News: Hemant Bhadane, the accused who brutally murdered his girlfriend in Mekhla resort citing infidelity in love, has revealed many secrets to the police during Jabalpur interrogation. In the investigation of 2 days, the horoscope of the crimes of the accused Hemant has come to the fore in front of the Jabalpur police. Accused Hemant, who took education from a well-known school like Don Bosco in Maharashtra, is a vicious minded thug. The accused searched on Google what are the most common methods of cheating. He learned crime from the internet itself.

Boyfriend Hemant, accused in the Shilpa Jharia murder case, is also a vicious thug. Accused Hemant has been arrested by the Jabalpur police in the murder case. At the same time, it has been found in the investigation that Hemant’s vicious mind was already on the path of crime. Before the Shilpa Jharia murder case, accused Hemant had committed a total of 40 crimes in Nashik and Thane, Maharashtra. According to the information received by the police, the accused has already served one year sentence in the case of bike theft. However, after coming out, he again went into the world of theft and fraud. By searching Google on his phone, he discovered the most clever methods of cheating that can be used. 

Parents of accused Hemant do government jobs
ASP Shivesh Baghel says that the parents of accused Hemant were in government jobs, but the prosperity of the house was also Hemant’s hobby and shortcut. Wasn’t fulfilling his desire to become rich. With the execution of vehicle theft incidents, Hemant had entered the world of crime. Now he wanted to become rich. He cheated the businessmen of Jabalpur and Patna by traveling in luxury vehicles with expensive hobbies.

Accused Hemant "loss making business" By telling them, he used to entangle people in his net. He used to provide wheat flour at cheap rates to traders in other states including Patna in Bihar and Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and after gaining trust, used to smuggle goods worth lakhs of rupees on credit.

Allegations of cheating a businessman before the murder
Everyone was shocked to know the truth of Abhijeet Patidar, who took a room in Mekhla resort on 6th November and Hemant Bhadade, arrested by the Jabalpur police on 18th November. The story of Hemant, which started with infidelity in love, has reached the vicious bluff master.

The accused Abhijeet alias Hemant Bhadane, arrested in connection with the murder of 21-year-old girl Shilpa Jharia at Mekhla resort near Ghana in Jabalpur, was interrogated by the Tilwara police station on two-day remand. On completion of the remand period on Monday, he was produced in the court, from where he has now been taken on remand for 5 days till 26 November by the Kotwali police. Hemant is alleged to have cheated a businessman of 8.5 lakhs before the murder.

Mother of the deceased demanded hanging
The family members are still in shock over the murder of the girl. Tears are not stopping from mother’s eyes. His pain came on the tongue. The girl’s mother says that the way the accused killed her daughter by slitting her throat and made the video viral, similarly that miscreant should also be hanged at the crossroads. His video should go viral in the whole country. The victim’s family has demanded strict action against the accused while pleading for justice from the administration.

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