Shivanand Tiwari exposes Jagdanand Singh, told old history with the question of removal

Patna: RJD’s state Jagdanand Singh (Jagdanand Singh) is constantly being discussed that he has been removed and Abdul Bari Siddiqui has been given his place. Will go Although Abdul Bari has rejected this in front of the media, but on this seed, senior RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari has shown displeasure with Jagdanand Singh. Talking to a channel on Saturday, he said that he does not know whether Jagadanand Singh has resigned or not. It is clear to everyone that he has not been coming to office for a long time so how will the work of the party go on?


‘I don’t like Jagadanand Singh’

Shivanand Tiwari said that we stayed with Jagdanand Singh for a long time. Stay close to him. Never liked Jagdanand Singh’s way of working. His work as a minister as well as a leader and also as the state president is not correct. If Lalu Yadav would have liked it, he would have praised it. Never mix yes with someone’s yes. Will Jagdanand Singh be removed, he said that Lalu Yadav will tell this, but he would not want the state president’s chair to remain vacant.

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